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Will PUBG Mobile be Unbanned in India? New Job Posting Excites Fans

Will PUBG Mobile be Unbanned in India? New Job Posting Excites Fans

PUBG Mobile was banned by the government of India as a part of a third crackdown on Chinese developer-backed apps that also saw TikTok being banned in the country.

PUBG Mobile faced an abrupt ban in India about a month ago, when the government of India named PUBG Mobile in a list of 118 apps that were suspended in India in lieu of their ties to Chinese developers and publishers. In recent weeks, there has been plenty of speculation around the return of PUBG Mobile in India, after it severed ties with the China-based Tencent Gaming as its publisher for the India chapter of the game. The latest bit to add to the speculations is a job posting by PUBG Corp, the developers of the game, which has excited fans about the possibility of PUBG Mobile India ban being lifted in the near future.

However, before things get too heated, it is important to note that it doesn’t explicitly mention PUBG Mobile in any way. The job opening on LinkedIn is for an associate-level manager in India. It was shared on October 20, and while PUBG Mobile fans would remain hopeful for any sign of the game’s return, the job posting could very well be for other purposes – such as the PC version of PUBG. The desktop version of the game is still accessible in the country, and so are PUBG’s console editions. Nevertheless, given the overall popularity of smartphones, it is understandable as to why the job posting would spark off such speculations.

According to PUBG Corp, the Senior Associate Manager role will be responsible for “overall mergers and acquisitions and investment strategy", and “support the setup process of PUBG India with guidance from HQ". The overall description for the job posting suggests that PUBG continues to view India as a consistently valuable market for its services, and with the burgeoning number of gamers hooked on to PUBG Mobile in both casual and professional gaming sectors, it is understandable that the company would be keen on resolving issues highlighted by the Indian government, and get their game officially back on the Google Play Store and Apple’s iOS App Store as soon as possible.

The Indian government’s ban on PUBG Mobile came just ahead of reports pertaining to China’s brutish data collection practices against India surfaced. The announcement came as a blow to fans of the game, professional gamers and the company itself, with roughly 25 percent of PUBG’s global gamer base coming from India. Going forward, it will be interesting to see if PUBG Mobile’s ban in India is indeed reversed in the coming days, since until now, none of the apps that have been banned in India have seen their decisions reversed.

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