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PUBG Mobile India: Launch Date, APK Download Link and the Entire Saga So Far

PUBG Mobile India is set to return soon. (Image: YouTube)

PUBG Mobile India is set to return soon. (Image: YouTube)

PUBG Mobile India continues to excite and evade fans of the game in the country, and as it was the case about a week ago, there's still hardly any official information to rely on.

PUBG Mobile India remains as hotly awaited for a return to the Indian app stores as ever before, but unfortunately, just like last week, there has still been no official correspondence regarding the potential of PUBG Mobile India officially relaunching in the country. An official with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY), government of India stated recently that there has been no official clearance given to PUBG Mobile India to operate in the country again. On September 2, the Indian government carried out a third round of ban on Chinese smartphone apps on both Google Play Store and Apple's iOS App Store, which included the massively popular PUBG Mobile among the list of 118 apps banned then. While PUBG Mobile remained playable in India even after the ban, the game officially stopped working in the country from October 30.

However, since then, PUBG Corp has announced that it has severed ties with Tencent Gaming's distribution rights for the game in India. It has also revised its ownership and holding pattern, with Korean publishing and development conglomerate Krafton now being the parent under which PUBG Corp was merged into. PUBG Mobile India will seemingly be operated by PUBG Studio, which will maintain the game in terms of updates, new events and special features -- once the game is officially re-launched in India. Ever since PUBG Mobile India was announced and teasers shared, fans have been excited about its re-launch, and there have been multiple false jump starts regarding the launch of the game in the country.

PUBG Mobile India release date

There is literally no concrete information on the launch date of PUBG Mobile India right now. PUBG officials with knowledge of the matter have stated that MeitY is yet to respond to the company's requests for a meeting. PUBG Corp has set up an officially registered India subsidiary, PUBG India, presumably for administrative purposes. However, there have so far been no intimations from the company regarding an official launch date. As a result, recent expectations suggest that PUBG Mobile India may not get an official launch in the country until at least February 2021.

PUBG Mobile India official apk download link rumours

As a result, it is quite clear that reports of PUBG India offering apk download links for Android phones is not very accurate. The reports had suggested that PUBG Mobile India's official website has embedded apk download links. However, such reports have since been debunked, and the website that was shown as the official PUBG Mobile India site in the reports were untrue. Given the extent of cyber threats on such spoof websites today, users are advised to remain vigilant, and not fall for reports of any such apk download links.

Users are also urged to follow PUBG Mobile India on their official website and social media channels, which is where word regarding its eventual launch date will be shared.