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PUBG Mobile India Launching on December 25? New Claim Gets Mixed Responses

PUBG Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India

Pro esports player Sagar Thakur aka Maxtern claimed information from "internal sources" to state that PUBG Mobile India may launch on December 25; however, reactions to his claim has largely been mixed.

Will PUBG Mobile India launch soon? That appears to have been one of the most searched questions in recent times. However, after numerous reports and claims citing ‘confirmed’ internal sources about the launch of the game, there have so far been no communication from PUBG Mobile India’s internal sources regarding the launch of the game. Making matters worse, a Press Information Bureau spokesperson for the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) confirmed that PUBG Mobile India has not received clearance to operate in India again, and PUBG’s registration of a company based in India, named PUBG India, does not necessarily mean anything. Now, amid reports that the game may not appear until at least February 2021, popular esports player Sagar Thakur (gaming alias Maxtern) claimed on Twitter that PUBG Mobile India will launch in Christmas, on December 25.

While Thakur’s tweet does not directly imply that a launch announcement will be made for PUBG Mobile India on December 25, most respondents to his tweet have largely assumed the same, hence leading and building the hype up again. Ocean Sharma, a popular PUBG Mobile commentator and caster, also joined in the conversation, further adding to the hype around Thakur’s claim. However, there are key points to note here, the most important of which is that neither of the esports personalities have so far claimed to be in the know. Instead, it is quite likely that PUBG Mobile India may finally choose to make an official comment regarding the status of the game’s relaunch in the country.

Ever since making an initial announcement regarding the relaunch of the game in India, and subsequently publishing teaser trailers and a website, PUBG Mobile India has officially not made any comment regarding the status of the game’s clearance in the country. An internal source with the company was claimed to have said that the central government is yet to respond to its repeated requests for a meeting, where PUBG India aims to underline that they are compliant with all government regulations and are willing to cooperate with any clauses that the government may put forward. Given all of these reports, users are understandably skeptical about Thakur’s claim, and responses so far have been mostly mixed in nature.

While this is one angle to consider, other entities including government officials have reportedly also raised objection regarding the aspect of ‘violence’ in PUBG Mobile. This may presumably be more difficult for PUBG Mobile to navigate, as the entire layout of the game is a first-person shooter, where players compete against each other in a battle to survival. All things considered, it will be interesting to see if PUBG Mobile India does indeed make an announcement regarding the game in Christmas this year. The game’s official India website still appears to sport a Diwali festival appearance, which may receive an update if the company has noteworthy information to share on the matter.

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