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PUBG Mobile India New Trailer is Fake, Not the Chicken Dinner You're Waiting For


Last Updated: November 23, 2020, 16:56 IST

PUBG Mobile India New Trailer is Fake, Not the Chicken Dinner You're Waiting For

The fan-made trailer is actually based on PUBG Mobile’s Survivor Pass – Season 9: Highlands, but has nevertheless been uploaded on TapTap’s PUBG Mobile India page.

PUBG Mobile India is simmering on the banks of a comeback in Indian cyber space, after the game was banned due to its ties with Chinese company Tencent Gaming a couple of months ago. Now, ever since its parent company, PUBG Corp, announced the official re-entry of PUBG Mobile as a rehashed PUBG Mobile India, the internet has been rife with speculations around all the changes that the game will come with, how it may comply with all the requirements put forth by the Indian government, and most importantly, exactly when would it launch.

Keen-eyed fans and observers will also have noticed a new trailer, purported to be a new official teaser of PUBG Mobile India, that has been doing rounds on YouTube, WhatsApp and other popular platforms of late. The trailer is 52 seconds long, and appears to show four new victory dance ‘emotes’, a number of new gun skins, and new outfits and appearances that will be made part of PUBG Mobile India, when the game is launched officially. However, a quick check online reveals that the trailer has nothing to do with the gameplay changes that will come to PUBG Mobile India. Here’s the trailer in question:

Instead, the trailer is taken from the teaser of the now-banned PUBG Mobile’s Survivor Pass Season 9 episode, named ‘Highlands’. It is an old video that has been repurposed, likely by a fan, and circulated online. While this further adds to the building hype for the game, it is a tad misleading, and does not show anything new about PUBG Mobile India. The game’s page on TapTap also sports the said video as an ‘official’ clip of the game – which too is erroneous. Given that this clip is misleading for gamers who are waiting enthusiastically for PUBG Mobile to return, it is important that anyone who comes across it flags it as inaccurate.

Even without a concrete release date in sight, it appears that PUBG Mobile India has comfortably generated strong hype around its return to Indian gamers. Locally built FAU-G, which was coincidentally announced in the aftermath of PUBG Mobile’s ban in India, does not seem to be enjoying as much hype as the popular battle royale game that has made a lasting contribution to India’s gaming scenario. Going forward, it will be interesting to see if FAU-G’s Indian Army-centric game storyline manages to surpass or at least rival PUBG Mobile’s tried and tested gaming formula.

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