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PUBG Mobile: ‘Library’ Map With New Game Mode Spotted in Beta

PUBG Mobile: ‘Library’ Map With New Game Mode Spotted in Beta

A new game mode has been spotted on a beta version update of PUBG Mobile in China, however, there is no clarity if it will make it to the global version of the game.

While most players are requesting game stability and of course Erangel 2.0, it seems that Tencent is still concentrating on adding more game modes. A recent beta update of the Chinese version of PUBG Mobile (Game For Peace) has revealed that a new mode is in the works.

Now before we give you all the details, note that this mode might not make it to the global version just like previously leaked modes like the Arctic Mode. A video shared by Mr. Ghost Gaming shows that the new game mode takes place on a new map which seems to be a large library.

The mode is similar to TDM (Team Deathmatch) but with a twist. In order to win the game, your team needs to have 18 kills but with every kill your gun changes automatically. So you start off with a UZI and Bizon. Eventually, when you get kills, you get upgraded to the MP5K, QBZ, Scar-L, M762 and so on. You also get the M24 and a couple of shotguns including the new DBS and as you get close to finishing the match, you end up with a pistol and pan, you know, to test your skills. The match has a time limit of 10 minutes.

It seems like a fun game mode especially if you want to get familiar with all the guns on PUBG Mobile. But I personally believe that Tencent needs to fix the numerous bugs and issues that have been prevalent for the longest time.

Watch the video below for more on the new game mode: