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PUBG Mobile Lite is Already Topping The Google Play Store Charts in India, And Here is Why


Last Updated: July 30, 2019, 10:35 IST

PUBG Mobile Lite is Already Topping The Google Play Store Charts in India, And Here is Why

And it has only been three days since the app was rolled out for downloads.

It has been just three days since the lighter version of the popular battle royale game PUBG was rolled out for gamers in India, and PUBG Mobile Lite as it is called, is already topping the charts on the Google Play Store. PUBG Mobile Lite is the top game download in the “Top Free Games” chart on the Play Store.

PUBG Mobile Lite is a slimmer and lighter version of the full-fledged PUBG Mobile game and is optimized for lower-end Android smartphones. The game has been built using Unreal Engine 4 and has an installation pack size of just 400MB. This is designed to work smoothly even on phones with 2GB of RAM, which basically makes this the perfect download for gamers who may have the more affordable Android phones. Gameplay remains pretty much the same, but there is also a smaller map, a faster paced gameplay experience and yet retaining the PUBG characteristics.

Some of the key features of PUBG Mobile Lite include Enhanced Aim Assist which brings the all-new auxiliary aim assist, in order to make aiming simpler and comes in extremely useful while playing in weak network environments. The intensity differs between the crawling and standing positions, simplifying the control while preserving the unique PUBG Mobile experience. Then there is the Upgrade to Winner Pass which replaces the Royale Pass and will have much faster achievement unlocks and span a month, with fantastic rewards on offer. The Bullet Trail Adjustment will feature increased bullet speed and no bullet drop effect, for a clearer shot which is specially made to account for weak network environments.

The Weapon Recoil Suppression feature in PUBG Lite reduces the weapon recoil to a certain amount, which facilitates game-control and makes for a better experience in weak networks. Different guns have different gun pressure effects, highlighting the different experience of each weapon. There is also the Extended Time to Kill which appropriately increases the ‘Time to Kill’ which would enhance players survivability during firefights and encouraging aggressive play. Then there is the Location Display map which will expose a shooter within the mini-map’s range, providing simplified battle info extraction and increased battle speed. You can also Heal yourself while moving. Complementing the smaller maps, building density and loot frequency has been increased to expedite the looting process and enhance the battle progression.

The game will also feature optimized map quality and the parachute loading screen. PUBG Lite players will get to experience a new weapon in select game modes only, allowing a chance to form new attack and defence tactics.

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