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PUBG Mobile: Season 11 Royale Pass All Rewards, Skins, Outfits Leaked

PUBG Mobile: Season 11 Royale Pass All Rewards, Skins, Outfits Leaked

Here's everything that you can expect in the upcoming season of PUBG Mobile.

In just a few days the ongoing season of PUBG Mobile will come to an end followed by the all-new season 11. We’ve has reported a few leaks from the upcoming season and today we have a whole list of in-game rewards and items that we can expect in the upcoming season.

Season 11 is going to be titled “Operation Tomorrow” with Cyberpunk inspired clothing, skins and other items. Ou faithful YouTuber Mr. Ghost Gaming has posted a variety of videos giving us an early look at everything that we can earn during the course of the next season.

Skins and Outfits

As usual, there will be a variety of skins, outfits, and other items to personalise your character. The Royale Pass rank up rewards includes a cool looking red and black outfit when you reach Gold tier, a matching face mask when you reach Platinum, a new MK14 skin when you reach Diamond, a season 11 parachute skin once you hit Ace and a season 11 avatar frame when you reach the Conquerer rank. Then there is ‘Pummeler’ themed rewards including skins for the M416, M762, pan, helmet and backpack. There is a new yellow coloured skin for the AWM and a new DP28 skin matching the theme of the new season.

The vehicle workshop will have a new skin for the motorbike called the ‘Roaring Tiger’ which will be upgradable to three levels similar to the previous UAZ skin. Of course, there is a large variety of outfits and other clothing items. Some of the most exciting ones include the Royale Pass rank 100 outfit, which seems to have a futuristic appeal to it especially the mask having an illuminated ‘V’ logo. There’s also a cute and cuddly white teddy-bear outfit, which is definitely going to appeal the ones who like collecting animal and creature outfits in the game. We will also see the first-ever skin for the PP19 Bizon, and some really good looking backpack and helmet skins.

Domination Mode

The new season will also bring a new addition to EvoGrounds with a new mode called Domination. It will arrive with a new map called Town. Basically, this mode is a bit of a rip-off from Call of Duty where you and your squad have to capture an area by staying there long enough to achieve domination. There’s a progress bar on the top to confirm your percentage. There are a total of three areas marked A, B and C and are activated during the course of the match. The team capturing two areas wins. Also, there is no limit on kills and spawns in this mode. The new map does look interesting and there are some vantage points to give you an extra edge in the game.

Other Additions

Some of the other additions to season 11 include new MVP emotes including one where your character is seen taking a selfie. As reported earlier, Snowbikes will be added to Vikendi replacing the regular motorbikes. Last but not least, we could see the addition of new riot shields added to specific EvoGrounds game modes.