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PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass ‘Spark The Flame’ Leaked: Watch Video

PUBG Mobile Season 14 Royale Pass ‘Spark The Flame’ Leaked: Watch Video

With Season 13 kicking off just two weeks back, an early leak of the next season of PUBG Mobile has already made it to YouTube.

PUBG Mobile recently kicked off Season 13 earlier this month bringing new content for players. With just two weeks into the season, a new leak has given an early sneak peek at the next season. According to a video by YouTube Mr Ghost Gaming, Season 14 is going to be titled ‘Spark The Flame.’

It is one of the early leaks so information is limited but it seems that the next season is going to have a lot of flame and fire inspired in-game items and skins so expect a lot of reds and oranges, and obviously flame patterns.

The video reveals the various Tier Rewards that one gets by progressing up their ranks. These include a shiny full-silver coloured M24 skin with engraved flames, a new set with a leather jacket and headgear, a new Season 14 parachute skin, and of course an avatar frame. The leaked video also includes some new loot crate skins which could be for upcoming weapons in the Gun Lab. There are also some new outfits including a steampunk-inspired set with a gas mask giving off a very futuristic vibe. The same set also shows the player donning a new M416 skin. There’s also a set that looks like an Egyptian Princess which is obviously going to suit the female character. The best-looking set however is another ancient Egyptian King inspired set with golden snakes on it, probably something Cobra Commander would wear.

Of course this is an early leak, but the YouTuber has been pretty accurate with the information he has shared in the past. Check out the video below for more:

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