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PUBG Mobile Season 6: Release Date, Royal Pass Rewards, And More

PUBG Mobile Season 6: Release Date, Royal Pass Rewards, And More

Season 6 of PUBG Mobile is expected to roll-out around March 20 and we have got an early preview of what we can expect from the game.

If you religiously play PUBG Mobile, then you already know that Season 5 is about to end. The ongoing season began on January 21 and from what we have heard, the season should end on March 19. However, the game mentions that it will be ending on March 18. This means that Season 6 for PUBG Mobile will essentially roll out around March 20 or 21.

So you have less than a week to start grinding those royal pass missions if you want to load up your gear and get your hands on complimentary UC credits.

While the upcoming season is still a few days away, we are seeing certain leaks popping up in the wild. Popular YouTuber Mr Ghost Gaming has already shared two videos giving an early look at Season 6. The first video shows an alleged promo from PUBG Mobile that includes some of the changes we are already seeing in the game including the whole 1st Anniversary shenanigans.

Speaking of which, PUBG Mobile will be celebrating one year on March 19. Coming back to the video, we see a female character with special Anniversary Set in a black and purple finish, running and jumping around killing zombies and killing players with a frag grenade. We also see the addition of an auto-rickshaw or tuk-tuk which was first seen in the Sanhok region on PUBG PC. Also, there is a slick looking convertible race-car which, by the looks of it, will be available in all maps. The video is quite exciting and we are expecting it air once the new season begins.

The second video has been pulled out of PUBG Mobile Beta where update 0.11.5 has rolled out. It shows the new vehicles mentioned above, a new gun by the name of G36C which takes 5.56mm ammo. The video goes on to mention the rewards that one can expect in the Royal Pass, which includes the black and purple Anniversary set, new avatars and avatar frame, a gold skin for the M762, a backpack skin, a skin for the Dacia, and some more costumes.

The video concludes with a message that we can expect more information and better quality photos of all the new additions that will be coming to the new season of PUBG Mobile.