PUBG Mobile Update 0.16.5 Roll-out Begins: Here's How To Download

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The latest update for PUBG Mobile is out and you can download to enjoy new additions to the game including he all-new season 11.


Kunal Khullar

PUBG Mobile has officially rolled out a new update and kicked off the newest season for its players. You can download update 0.16.5 right now to get all the new additions to the game. The update will require about 0.14GB on Android and 0.17GB on iOS.

The new season is titled ‘Operation Tomorrow’ and brings a futuristic Cyberpunk inspired Royale Pass. Apart from that, a new mode has been added to EvoGrounds called ‘Domination Mode’ along with a new map called ‘Town.’ Basically, this mode is a bit of a rip-off from Call of Duty where you and your squad have to capture an area by staying there long enough to achieve domination. There’s a progress bar on the top to confirm your percentage. There are a total of three areas marked A, B and C and are activated during the course of the match. The team capturing two areas wins. Also, there is no limit on kills and spawns in this mode. The mode also brings Super Weapons Crates, which adds lethal weapons to finish off enemies.

The update will also brings back the original version of the Warehouse map under Team Deathmatch and will now be under Arena Training map. Players can pick up and practice any weapons from the ground anytime instead of using their loadout.

Other features include the addition of Light Snowmobile, a new vehicle exclusively in Vikendi map, which is said to be faster and moves more efficiently than the original Snowmobile. Notably, it is also more easily damaged. A bit of balancing has been done where the Groza’s single-shot damage has been lowered from 48 to 45 in Team Arena. There will be a variety of new changes in the Royale Pass including new multi-option missions in Team Arena, Payload Mode and more to offer new rewards. With that, the lobby mission guide system will support RP missions making it easier to track mission progress as weekly missions can now be grouped together.

How to download the update:

To get the latest update, all you need to do is open PUBG Mobile. An update notification should pop up once the game loads and you can hit the 'Update' button to begin downloading. After the update is done, the game will prompt you to restart. Reload the game to get the latest update and new additions.

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