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PUBG New State India Launch Soon? Hidden Hindi Website Sparks Anticipation

PUBG: New State

PUBG: New State

PUBG New State is a sequel to PUBG Mobile that offers more gameplay features in a futuristic setting, but has not been listed for launch in India yet.

PUBG New State may actually have plans to launch in India, after all. New information about the PUBG Mobile sequel has been tipped by gaming blog GemWire, which states that the source code of the new PUBG game’s website has support for a Hindi language version embedded in it. However, the language appears to have been disabled for now, suggesting that parent company Krafton does have plans to launch PUBG New State in India.

At the moment, it isn’t clear as to when might PUBG New State be launched in India. The game was not put up for pre-registrations in India, and while there have been no official statements, this is likely due to the central government banning PUBG Mobile along with over 250 other apps with ties to China. PUBG Corp, before being taken over by Krafton, had unveiled PUBG Mobile India after severing ties with its Chinese distributor Tencent Gaming. It had also setup an India subsidiary, PUBG India, and reportedly appealed to the ministry for a meeting.

However, the ministry has seemingly declined to offer a resolution meeting with PUBG developers and distributors, and only maintained that PUBG Mobile remains banned in India until any further notice. On this note, many in the country have raised concerns that the game was too violent, and as such, should be kept banned. If this rationale is maintained, then Krafton may have a difficult path ahead to launch PUBG New State in India, or any PUBG game for that matter.

PUBG New State is a sequel to the original PUBG Mobile, and is set in a future timeline with futuristic battle gameplay such as advanced weaponry, drones, specialised character attributes and more. While the potential popularity of this new game in comparison to the erstwhile PUBG Mobile is an entirely different conversation, it remains to be seen if the Indian government, at some point, does consider PUBG New State to be a different, new game without any ties to China, and therefore allows it to officially launch in India.

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