PUBG Releases Dark Cinematic Story Trailer Ahead of Season 4 Release

PUBG Releases Dark Cinematic Story Trailer Ahead of Season 4 Release

Are we finally going to see a story-based mode on PUBG?

Battle Royale games are more or less strategic shooting games with a twist of play-area restrictions. They don’t quite have a story or narration. But it seems that PUBG (Playerunknown Battlegrounds) is working on changing that.

A new cinematic trailer was released yesterday by PUBG Corp in anticipation of season four. Mind you this is PUBG for PC and not PUBG Mobile or PUBG Lite. The video does seem a bit dark and focuses on Erangel, the first map on the game. There is a young boy who seems to be the sole survivor on the island plagued with a horrible war. The trailer then shows a quick time-lapse skipping ahead into the future where we see a man in the middle of a battle, equipped with an AKM and some protective gear, trying to hide from his enemies. He then looks up to see a CCTV camera looking right at him and soon enough has to dodge some bullets to save his life. The trailer ends with a shot of a man sitting and watching a vast number of camera surveillance monitors and the Erangel map spreading across all the monitors right before the end.

Season four of PUBG is scheduled to begin from July 24.

Expanding the PUBG universe seems quite logical as the game has grabbed a lot of attention, especially on mobile. The company had recently hired Glen Schofield to lead a new studio that will focus on an original narrative experience within the PUBG universe. Schofield is known to have worked on popular gaming titles such as Call of Duty and Dead Space.

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