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PUBG Studio Formed to Create More Avenues for PUBG in Esports, Entertainment


Last Updated: December 02, 2020, 18:06 IST

PUBG Studio Formed to Create More Avenues for PUBG in Esports, Entertainment

The rebranding exercise was unveiled after PUBG Corp was fully integrated into parent company Krafton, which also has three other game development studios alongside PUBG.

In a bid to expand and diversify PUBG, including PUBG Mobile and its related activities around the world, PUBG Corp owner, the Korean developer and publisher Krafton, has announced that PUBG Corp will be merged and transformed into PUBG Studio. The latter will be the fourth game studio under Krafton’s arm, and PUBG Studio will work towards expanding the PUBG universe in related esports and entertainment fields. Hence, PUBG Studio will only focus on developing aspects around the PUBG game – including PUBG’s PC and console versions, PUBG Mobile, regional entities such as PUBG Mobile India and other aspects.

Under Krafton’s arm, Striking Distance Studios will work as an entity independent of PUBG Studio. Striking Distance Studios is reportedly developing an original narrative game that will be themed around the original Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds game. This studio is also listed with Krafton as a AAA game development studio, which suggests that the game may take PUBG beyond its live-play, battle royale approach. In essence, PUBG will end up taking the opposite route as Call of Duty Mobile. The latter developed into a mobile battle royale game based on the success and legacy of the original AAA game family, Call of Duty.

PUBG Studio will likely play some role in how the eventual PUBG Mobile India will turn out to be. In India, after the original PUBG Mobile was banned due to its ties with China’s Tencent Gaming, PUBG Corp registered PUBG India as an official Indian company, and expectations suggest that administrative and operational decisions may henceforth be taken by PUBG India only. However, it is unlikely that game development will also be entirely transferred to the India subsidiary, although PUBG India may have decision powers in terms of organising esports tournaments – a big part of PUBG Mobile’s massive popularity in India.

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