PUBG Team Deathmatch Mode Rolled Out for the Game's PC Players

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

PUBG's latest update include vests that can now lessen the damage, reduced fuse time for smoke grenades, and the addition of G36C and MP5K weapons to Karakin.

PUBG has a new update, which, among other updates, has introduced the much-awaited ‘Team Deathmatch’ mode. The version 6.2 update for Playerunknown's Battlegrounds, which is now available for PC players, is now available for downloads. Apart from some incremental improvements and changes in PUBG, the Team Deathmatch mode brings 8v8 FPP fights that happen on seven unique battlefields based on different maps. In this team battle mode, the team which gets the maximum number of kills within a period of 10 minutes, wins.

Furthermore, the update also brings a variety of changes in frag grenades. The vests now have the ability to lessen the damage incurred from frag grenades. Apart from that, the fuse time for smoke grenades has been reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second. PUBG has also added G36C and MP5K weapons to the Karakin map, which too has been updated with a new loot setting. Other refinements include a slight change to the care package aeroplane, which is now going to move faster on the Karakin map.

Adding to the realism in the game's graphics, the new update has increased blood colour saturation over distance, for a better view. A new feature in terms of PUBG's PC version is the ability to follow teammates on a parachute. Gamers can choose and follow a teammate until exiting the plane at the start of a battle royale bout.

The update for PUBG was announced on the game's main Twitter handle, along with a video teaser that details some of the elements that are part of the new update. PUBG and Call of Duty have been staunch rivals on the mobile platform, which has led to polarising fan views and rising popularity for both the games.

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