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Puma Has an Interactive Store Where You Can Also Get Your New Shoes Customized

Puma Has an Interactive Store Where You Can Also Get Your New Shoes Customized

This is when tech smartens up an otherwise boring physical retail store experience.

We can talk about all the smart technology and implementing these solutions, but if you as a customer still has to walk into a conventional store the next time you need to buy something, all that effort comes to naught. German sportswear manufacturer Puma has decided to smarten up the retail experience for customers, with its first interactive store in India. The very foundations of this store rely heavily on technology, and this first of its kind store is now open in Bengaluru. Puma says the highlights of this new retail store include access to the state-of-the-art digitally connected offerings, innovative engagement zones for customers and an in-house customization studio. The store will retail running shoes, fitness shoes, sportswear, accessories and more.

“We believe that experience is the biggest proposition for offline retail as much as convenience is a key to online. And, that’s precisely the reason for launching a first-of-its kind PUMA store in India. The futuristic retail environment is focused on creating an immersive experience by engaging the consumer throughout their shopping journey,” says Abhishek Ganguly, Managing Director, PUMA India. At the store, buyers will be able to access all the Puma products line-ups via an interactive screen. They can not only browse the collection specifically available in the store at that time, but also the wider selection of styles or colors that are on offer. If a product they like isn’t available in the store at the time, customers can place the order there itself and the products will be shipped to them.

Then there is the PUMA X YOU initiative that focuses on customization of the products that you buy. The company says that the customization studio will allow consumers to customize and personalize any Puma footwear, apparel and accessories. The options for these customizations include using embroidery and print additions among others, with as many as 100 design options available.

There will be exclusive products lined-up at the Puma interactive store. The company says the exclusive global collaborations including Tetris, Helly Hansen, Adriana Lima, Ralph Sampson and Selena Gomez will be in stock at this store, as well as extensive collections from the motorsport, basketball and football collections.

Last but not least, motorsport fans will be able to experience the professional-grade Formula 1 simulator in the store. Puma’s current motorsport partnerships include BMW, Ferrari, Mercedes, Pirelli and Red Bull—and these include footwear, apparel and accessories.