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RAISE 2020 AI Summit Live Updates: PM Modi, Amitabh Kant, Mukesh Ambani Inaugurates Summit | October 5, 2020, 19:50 IST
RAISE 2020, the Responsible AI for Social Empowerment Summit, began today at 7PM IST. After joining the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence as one of its founding members, India is playing host to the role of AI in empowering social activities and playing a deeper, more important role in socio-economic development. Among many elements, RAISE 2020 will address the role of AI in governance, promoting AI decision making to resolve human issues, adding responsibility to AI, developing the AI ecosystem, quantifying and analysing the available data for economic progress, and more.

RAISE 2020 summit's inauguration was addressed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, alongside Amitabh Kant, CEO of Niti Aayog, Arvind Krishna, CEO of IBM, Mukesh Ambani, Chairman of Reliance Industries, union IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, Turing Award winner Prof. Raj Reddy, and Ajay Sawhney, secretary of MeitY. The key tone of the inaugural keynote was on taking India's digital endeavours forward by putting AI at the pivot of India's progress. The talk will be about promoting socially responsible AI, one which can offer a quantifiable improvement to livelihood among all.
Oct 5, 2020 19:50 (IST)

Finally, MeitY secretary Ajay Sawhney comes on the spotlight, offering a vote of thanks to the keynote speakers today at the inaugural AI summit, RAISE 2020.

Oct 5, 2020 19:49 (IST)

PM Modi calls for the coming together of all corners of the Indian industry and society, in order to help create an action roadmap for the development of responsible artificial intelligence in India and across the world.

Oct 5, 2020 19:48 (IST)

Even the smartest of AI cannot solve specific, emotion-driven human problems, says PM Modi.

Oct 5, 2020 19:45 (IST)

Human resource mapping will have a long lasting impact on governments and businesses, says PM Modi. All of this can create next generation urban infrastructure and improve urban lifestyles, says PM Modi. AI can also be used in making disaster management systems stronger.

Oct 5, 2020 19:43 (IST)

"Can we dynamically allocate resources to offer optimal use?" says PM Modi. The context is in making the most of India's abilities in promoting artificial intelligence.

Oct 5, 2020 19:42 (IST)

National Programme on AI will be dedicated towards the rightful use of AI in solving societal problems, says PM Modi, urging open involvement and participation in this programme.

Oct 5, 2020 19:41 (IST)

Virtual labs are being established to provide hands-on experience to learners, says PM Modi.

Oct 5, 2020 19:41 (IST)

PM Modi highlights the role of Natural Language Processing-based AI, and the impact it can have in India.

Oct 5, 2020 19:39 (IST)

Now, we want India to become a global hub for AI, says PM Modi, calling for more participation of individuals in India's AI push.

Oct 5, 2020 19:38 (IST)

Technology improves transparency and service delivery, says PM Modi, highlighting services like Aadhaar, UPI and others.

Oct 5, 2020 19:37 (IST)

"At every step of history, India has led the world in knowledge and learning. In today's age of IT as well, India is making outstanding contributions," says Modi, highlighting how some of the biggest tech leaders are from India.

Oct 5, 2020 19:36 (IST)

PM Modi speaks about AI with a human touch. "Artificial intelligence is a tribute to human intellectual power, to think and enable humans to make tools and technologies. These have today acquired the power to learn and think," says PM Modi.

Oct 5, 2020 19:35 (IST)

PM Narendra Modi begins his keynote address at RAISE 2020.

Oct 5, 2020 19:33 (IST)

India's application of AI will become a beacon for the world, says Prasad.

Oct 5, 2020 19:33 (IST)

The bill, which is to be passed by the government very soon, will promote data privacy, integrity and empowerment, among others, says Prasad.

Oct 5, 2020 19:31 (IST)

AI centres of excellence have been set up, and the objective is to further augment this process, says Prasad, on India's AI journey so far.

Oct 5, 2020 19:30 (IST)

India's resource of demograhic dividend will play a key role in promoting pools of skilled professionals to take India's AI ecosystem forward, says Prasad.

Oct 5, 2020 19:29 (IST)

Farmers are starting to use the e-market to sell their produce, says Prasad. "Technology at times overwhelms us, but we welcome AI to generate development and promote equity," he says.

Oct 5, 2020 19:28 (IST)

Prasad speaks about how digital services are transforming India's fabric. The Direct Benefit Transfer scheme has transferred $172 billion across 70 million people in need, directly to their accounts, through digital services – says Prasad.

Oct 5, 2020 19:27 (IST)

Next to address the RAISE 2020 AI Summit is union IT minister, Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Oct 5, 2020 19:26 (IST)

Government, industry and academia must work together to develop AI as a cohesive industry, concludes Reddy in his keynote.

Oct 5, 2020 19:25 (IST)

AI's flexibility means that industry needs to be anchored specifically, in order to unify AI for all. Every house needs to be connected as the first pillar of AI, be trained in digital literacy. 

Oct 5, 2020 19:23 (IST)

Reddy states how AI's predictability aspect can help channelise individual attention, showcasing the power that AI has in improving productivity and offering far higher levels of efficiency.

Oct 5, 2020 19:21 (IST)

Reddy speaks about how AI's personalisation aspect can be a key empowerment angle for bringing a society together. 

Oct 5, 2020 19:20 (IST)

Turing awardee, Prof. Raj Reddy, addresses the keynote now.

Oct 5, 2020 19:20 (IST)

With that, Ambani issues a call to action to promote a digitally empowered Indian society, with AI at the centre.

Oct 5, 2020 19:18 (IST)

RAISE 2020 AI Summit raises hopes of overcoming the hardships posed by the Covid-19 pandemic. India, through AI, will become future-ready, says Ambani.

Oct 5, 2020 19:17 (IST)

When 1.3 billion Indians are digitally empowered, that will create faster growth, better standards of living and superior opportunities across society. The eventual goal is to make India develop AI, and make AI work for all Indians.

Oct 5, 2020 19:15 (IST)

"Intelligent data is the digital capital," says Ambani.

Oct 5, 2020 19:15 (IST)

With 5G around the corner, India will maintain its leadership position, says Ambani. He also highlights India's burgeoning fiber optic broadband network to spread internet at the farthest corners of the country. Ambani also talks about India's growing data centres and Make in India programme, in India's digital revolution.

RAISE 2020 AI Summit Live Updates: PM Modi, Amitabh Kant, Mukesh Ambani Inaugurates Summit

Tune in for our extensive coverage of India’s push for artificial intelligence progress, with our live coverage of RAISE 2020. Sessions for RAISE 2020 begin tonight, and will continue until Friday, October 9, including thousands of participants across hundreds of countries.