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Redmi Note 10 Users are Reporting Flickers, Frozen Screens: Are You Facing it Too?


Last Updated: April 09, 2021, 13:16 IST

Redmi Note 10 Users are Reporting Flickers, Frozen Screens: Are You Facing it Too?

The Redmi Note 10 by Xiaomi appears to have some screen issue, and the latter may not exactly be isolated to a one-off device.

Redmi Note 10 users on Twitter are reporting in bulk about screen issues that range from frozen displays, unresponsive touch inputs, flickers in Dark Mode and screen flickers when using 120Hz screen refresh rates on the displays. According to reports on the matter, numerous Redmi Note 10 units are showing up with faulty displays that include panels that do not take inputs after repeated efforts, and most importantly, screen flickers in numerous situations. Operating on Dark Mode is apparently a tricky situation, and the display panels are otherwise working fine when in light mode, or being used at 60Hz refresh rates.

While Redmi India’s support channel on Twitter has been responding to the queries acknowledging the issues and urging people to contact the company, the exact reason behind the issues are not clear yet. Given that the display issues have almost suddenly cropped up and are being reported in increasing frequency, it is likely that a select batch of Redmi Note 10 devices may have a hardware glitch that somehow passed the assembly chain gauntlet.

However, such issues cannot be clarified without an official response from the company. At the time of publishing, Xiaomi does not appear to have issued a statement addressing the faulty screen issues that Redmi Note 10 users have suddenly been reporting. Some users even posted on Twitter, claiming that service centre executives have informed the same to be a glitch that will be fixed via a software update, which should be released in “one or two months”.

Display issues on smartphones aren’t particularly new or unheard of, but are certainly ones that can disrupt a normal flow of action. Often, the issues can be related to software glitches in matching the display refresh rate with the power cycle on a device’s circuit board. However, more serious hardware issues would call for a replacement drive of faulty units, which typically end up costing a brand a fair bit of money – and reputation. For Xiaomi, it will be interesting to note if their famed Redmi Note series ends up with an awkward display panel issue that may require fixing in the long run.

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