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Reliance Jio Data, Voice Traffic Grew Over 30% in Last Quarter of 2019

Reliance Jio Data, Voice Traffic Grew Over 30% in Last Quarter of 2019

Alongside the growth in voice and data traffic, Jio also saw a 7 percent increase in per user revenue during the quarter.

  • Last Updated: January 17, 2020, 8:15 PM IST
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Reliance Jio has been seeing a steady rise in its overall volume of wireless data and voice traffic on its network, despite sporting a leaner subscriber base during the quarter of October to December, 2019. According to Reliance Jio’s financial report for Q3 2019, total wireless data traffic during the quarter stood at 12.08 billion GB, marking a 39.9 percent year on year growth in the volume of data accessed by users on the network.

Voice traffic during the quarter also saw an increase of over 30 percent annually, with 826.4 billion minutes of voice calls made in the quarter accounting for a 30.3 percent increase in voice traffic annually. Jio also saw a steady rise in overall subscriber count, as well as proportionate rise in net profit and revenue.

Jio’s voice and data traffic also increased on a quarterly basis. Through the financial year 2019-20, wireless data traffic rose from 10.9 billion GB in Q1, to 12.02 billion GB in Q2 and 12.08 billion GB in Q3. Voice traffic on Jio rose from 785.9 billion minutes in Q1, 812.6 billion minutes in Q2 and 826.4 billion minutes in Q3. This marks a steady rise in both voice and data traffic on the Jio network.

It is also important to note that Q3 2019 saw a crucial rise in the average revenue per user, which grew 7 percent in the space of one quarter from Rs 120 per user to Rs 128 per user as of December 2019. Despite elimination of 22 million subscribers from the Jio network as an effect of the recently induced IUC (interconnect usage charges) tariff, Jio reported gross addition of 37.1 million users during the quarter of October to December 2019.

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