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Reliance Jio New 4G Data Plans Offer Double Data, Added Non-Jio Talktime Minutes

Reliance Jio New 4G Data Plans Offer Double Data, Added Non-Jio Talktime Minutes

The new 4G data plans offer additional data benefits as well as extra non-Jio calling minutes in light of more people working from home.

Reliance Jio has announced the launch of four new 4G data vouchers, which are designed to address the need for additional data and talktime minutes as most offices in India move to a work from home model due to the coronavirus pandemic. The new 4G data vouchers are offered for Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51 and Rs 101, and can be clubbed with any of the existing prepaid plan that Jio users are on, to get more data and complementary extra non-Jio voice minutes as well.

For Rs 11, users will now get 800MB of 4G data (up from 400MB), and an additional 75 minutes of non-Jio talktime minutes. For Rs 21, users will get 2GB of 4G data (up from 1GB), and 200 additional non-Jio minutes. For Rs 51, users will get 6GB of extra data (up from 3GB) and 500 extra non-Jio minutes, and for Rs 101, users will get 12GB of extra data (up from 6GB) along with 1,000 minutes of extra non-Jio calling minutes.

It is important to note that the 4G data vouchers are not intended for singular purchase, and Jio users will need to have an active recharge plan in order to avail these plans. For all the four plans, each of these will remain valid for as long as the validity of the primary recharge plan remains. Post expiry of the vouchers, no data or calling minutes would be carried forward in a future recharge. The plans are designed to help people get additional data and calling minutes, which will be important since the volume of calls and personal data usage is bound to go up due to the work from home model.

In an example of how the voucher can be used, a Jio prepaid user who recharges with the Rs 129 recharge plan (with 28-day validity) presently gets unlimited Jio to Jio calling, 1,000 minutes of Jio to non-Jio calling and 2GB of total data, post which the plan shifts to 64kbps unlimited data. If they wish to extend the allowance on their plan, they can now simply recharge with any of the revised 4G data vouchers. For instance, recharging with the Rs 11 voucher on top of this plan will give them 800MB additional data and 75 additional minutes on top of what is already available, giving them more room to keep telephony costs in check while enjoying more data and talktime.

All the four 4G data vouchers from Reliance Jio are now live, and can be crucial in helping people adopt to the work from home model, as India goes through a quarantine phase due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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