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Resideo Air Purifier Review: An Absolutely No Fuss Clean Air Solution For Your Home

Resideo Air Purifier Review: An Absolutely No Fuss Clean Air Solution For Your Home

It lands in the middle of a crowded market which has Honeywell, Philips, Sharp, Blueair and Atlanta Healthcare vying for your attention.

We have often said that air purifiers which Honeywell and Philips makes for homes are among the best you can buy, without having to give away an arm and a leg in the process while paying the bill. The high-quality filters that Honeywell and Philips air purifiers use make all the difference, as does the attention to detail with other things too—design that prevents the purifiers from toppling over, smart controls from your phone and more. Which is why, when the Resideo air purifier (model number 1618) arrived for review, priced around the same as it’s rivals, I was all the more intrigued by what it could possibly offer in terms of the experience, features and the thing that matters most, performance. Quite interesting is the price tag too—Amazon is currently selling this for around Rs 17,999, which puts it slam bang in the middle of a very crowded market which has brands including Honeywell itself, Philips, Sharp, Blueair, Atlanta Healthcare and more vying for your attention, money and the responsibility of improving the air quality inside your home.

From the outset, the Resideo air purifier looks gorgeous. The cylindrical design is quite space saving too, compared with traditional box-type form factors. The other big advantage is this allows the air intake vents all around, and close to 360-degree air-intake capabilities just add a lot of versatility. We have seen a similar implementation in Xiaomi’s Mi Air Purifiers, but the Resideo Air Purifier is a lot taller too. You access the 360-degree filter from the removable panel at the back. At the front is the circular display that shows the PM 2.5 count, the PM 10 count and the volume of clean air that is being delivered by the purifier at that time. The light ring around this display changes colour to tell you the air quality—red for very unhealthy, blue for moderate and green for healthy. At the top, in the middle of the circular clean air vent, is the control panel. These are touch sensitive controls and quite well laid out too. The power key, ionizer control, sleep mode, what you see on the display and the ability to lock these controls to accidental touches (or if you have a naughty toddler around).

I do have some observations about the control panel on the Resideo Air Purifier. While well laid out and responsive, I do miss the lack of an “auto” mode key. At this time, you need to cycle through the fan speeds (while tapping on the fan key) till you reach the “i” mode. That isn’t very intuitive initially, at least till you get used to it. Secondly, it is not easy to tell whether the ionizer is on or off—the backlight from Power key spills over to the underside of this key as well, and perhaps a different colour coding might have been better. Helpful is the wireless remote that comes as standard with the Resideo air purifier.

The basic specs of the Resideo air purifier read something like this—500 m3/h of clean air delivery rate (CADR) and the ability to cover rooms as large as 60 cubic meters in size. At the heart of this sits a triple-stage filter. This 360-degree filter has a pre-filter to capture the larger dust particles and pollutants, so that the inner layers don’t get choked. The second layer is the HEPA, and this one can capture particles as small as 0.3 microns. The third is the activated carbon layer, which should help in capturing and removing odors, gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Personally, I would have preferred if the activated carbon layer was a bit thicker than what it feels when you hold up the filter, but then again, that is a subjective observation. This filter set does a fantastic job nevertheless.

We tested the Resideo Air Purifier in a typical bedroom, and this maintained the AQI at around 18 in auto mode, as verified by a Laser Egg air quality monitor. During this time, we noticed the fan speed only increased to level 3 for the first 5 minutes, and then maintained the air quality at the lowest fan speed itself—and it delivers around 70 m3/h of air at that speed. Switch this to a larger drawing room plus dining room hall and this was able to maintain the air quality at 22 AQI, again at auto mode with the fan speed switching between level 1 and level 2. While we were monitoring the AQI using the separate air quality monitor, we noticed that Resideo’s own air quality sensors erred on the side of caution and informed us of an AQI level 2 points higher than what the monitor reading at the other end of the room suggested. This extra sensitivity is good because it will be able to detect even the slightest changes in air quality (usually because of air streaming into the room from outdoors) better than a lot of other purifiers.

One thing that I really wished the Resideo air purifier had was the smart controls, which means the ability to connect to the Wi-Fi and let you monitor as well as control the functionality via a smartphone app. Xiaomi, for instance, has done that brilliantly with the Mi Air Purifier line-up which costs much lesser.

At this price, it is hard to find any shortcomings in the Resideo air purifier. Add the fact that the replacement filter costs Rs 3,500 and should last you about a year, and you pretty much have a simple enough solution to install in your home and forget about. That is just how well the Resideo Air Purifier experience has been. It barely needs you to intervene at any point of time, and just goes about doing its job to the best of its ability. Being aided by a good filter and a powerful fan really helps push its case. You may probably not recall Resideo as a brand, but remember, the learnings from Honeywell are clearly making their presence felt. And that is a great thing. One of the best air purifier options around the Rs 20,000 price point.