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Samsung Aims to Increase Sales of Galaxy Fold Smartphones in 2020

Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image: News18)

Samsung Galaxy Fold (Image: News18)

Samsung originally aimed to sell 10 million units of its foldable phone in 2020, but later dropped to a more realistic target of 6 million units.

Samsung CEO DJ Koh confirmed that the company has aimed to sell a lot more foldable devices in 2020. Speaking at the annual Samsung AI forum in here, Koh said: "We plan to significantly increase sales of the Galaxy Fold next year. Consumers will witness a large number of foldable smartphones next year." Koh however, did not reveal an exact figure but a rumour from a few weeks ago suggests that the company has planned to sell upwards of 6 million foldable smartphones globally by the end of 2020.

It was said that Samsung's original target for 2020 was to sell 10 million foldable phones, but the figure was dropped to a more realistic 6 million units, SamMobile reported. The company has been working on improving its Android user interface since it debuted the Galaxy Fold smartphone earlier this year. Additionally, Samsung is reportedly planning to launch its another foldable smartphone Samsung W20 5G on November 19 in Wuhan, China.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has been a controversial device, having been once pulled from the markets after frailties regarding its build surfaced. After months of reworking, Samsung has finally launched the Galaxy Fold in the consumer space. However, concerns still remain regarding the Galaxy Fold's durability, clearly underlining the device's position in the market as a first generation proof of concept.

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