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Samsung Claims it has Solved the Galaxy Fold Issue, will Launch Sooner than Expected

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Last Updated: May 10, 2019, 19:01 IST

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

Samsung Mobile CEO DJ Koh has revealed in an interview that the Galaxy Fold has been reinforced, after units supplied to reviewers ended up damaged.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold has created quite a stir even before being launched. It is the kind of hype that Samsung would have hoped to avoid, ever since the Galaxy Note7 fiasco took the world by storms and memes. The world’s first foldable smartphone from a leading manufacturer was shipped out to reviewers before being put up for sale to the well-paying public. However, its foldable display started breaking from the pressure of the folding mechanism. This led to Samsung being forced to push back its commercial release date from April 26, to ‘until further notice’.

Now, after having offered its pre-order customers a full refund in case they no longer had faith on the device, Samsung Mobile’s chief executive, DJ Koh has stated that the foldable smartphone will “not be too late” to the market. Koh has further stated that his team has successfully evaluated the magnitude of rework that is required on the Galaxy Fold, and even made the changes. These tweaks reportedly include increasing of the general durability, alongside reducing any gap between the hinge and the panel, and reducing any separation between the display and the protective film layer.

It is this layer that reportedly caused Samsung a whole lot of issues. When the first batch was shipped out to reviewers, it reportedly came with this film. However, as has been seen in the images shared by reviewers in USA, the protective film looked nothing more than a typical screen guard film, which was then duly removed (it even included a pull tag). Samsung later stated that the displays ended up being broken owing to the removal of this film, while acknowledging that they should have put in a more prominent sign warning against the removal of the film.

From what it seems, Samsung may have resolved the primary conundrum of the Galaxy Fold. It will also hope to make the device commercially available before the end of May, in order to avoid delays stretching beyond one month. However, given the rather massive price tag of $1,980 (~Rs 1,40,000), it remains to be seen if people remain willing to risk their money, and put their faith in Samsung.