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Samsung Galaxy A6+ First Impressions Review: A Complete Package

Samsung Galaxy A6+ First Impressions Review: A Complete Package

Samsung has introduced its Galaxy A6+ in India today and the smartphone comes with a plethora of design and performance features. But is it enough for it to make its mark in its segment. We find out in this review.

Samsung has come up with multiple additions to its mid-range smartphone portfolio in India with the launch of new devices under its Galaxy A and Galaxy J series. One such smartphone launched by the company is the all-new Galaxy A6+ and priced at Rs 25,990 (4GB RAM), the device offers many of Samsung’s ingenious features along with all the trending features in the smartphone world. For instance, the Galaxy A6+ comes with Samsung’s signature Infinity display with an 18:9 aspect ratio and a dual camera setup at the back. But is that enough to make the Galaxy A6+ stand out within its price segment? We find out in this first impressions review.


Samsung Galaxy A6+ Back. (Image: Sarthak Dogra/

In terms of design, Samsung has managed to pull off a beaut with the all-new Galaxy A6+. In essence, the device looks like a crossover of Samsung’s design language used for its previous mid-range smartphones, with the curved edges and round form factor, and the design it uses for its flagship range. What’s more, the crossover has been done just about right as there is a premium feel to the smartphone now that you just can’t miss. It feels good to hold, easy to use and just about as fine to show off.

One defining factor for these improved looks of the Galaxy A-series smartphone is the Infinity display. There are two brownie points for Samsung here. One, for making available its much-sought Infinity display at a more affordable price and another for embedding it in a manner that it does not look odd or out of place. The display on the Galaxy A6+ does not round off at the edges, as seen in the Galaxy S8 and like. Instead, the display has been neatly housed between slim bezels at the side and a bit wider bezels on the top and the bottom. In functioning, the display is just the same though and will certainly allow the users a lot of functionality right on the lock screen.

The back of the smartphone has been designed equally impressively with Antennae bands running from both the upper and the lower end. The dual camera setup has been placed vertically and in the centre of the back of the smartphone. The fingerprint sensor has been placed right below the camera setup and is quick to respond. In addition, the device also comes with face recognition for security.

While the fingerprint sensor at the back and the power button on the right are easily accessible for a single-handed operation, the volume keys have been placed a bit too far on the left edge for the same and you will have to adjust the smartphone in your hand lest you plan to alter the volume. The device skips USB Type-C and comes with type 2.0 USB port placed at the chin alongside a headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy A6+ USB Port. (Image: Sarthak Dogra/

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In our less than a week’s experience with the smartphone, the Galaxy A6+ worked very well for almost all types of operations including calling, messaging, using social media apps, playing music/ videos and even gaming. Powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 SoC and a 4GB RAM, it is capable enough of handling multi-tasking up to a good extent. Only if you are running multiple heavy apps in the background will you start experiencing a few lags here and then. Rest assured, that ‘extent’ till which the device works smoothly is quite high.

The Galaxy A6+ comes with a plethora of features to make several operations on the smartphone a lot smoother. For instance, there is ‘Game Tools’ for gamers to minimise distractions caused by notifications. For multi-functioning, the device offers split screen view which also includes a ‘Snap’ option to set a small window for one of the apps and an ‘App Pair’ to save a combination of split screen apps on your home screen for future use. Samsung has also put in many of its ingenious apps like the S Secure, Samsung Mall, S Bike mode and more.

Samsung claims to have used an AI-powered memory management on the Galaxy A6+. As per the company, the feature is able to move media content from social media and chat applications to an SD card by itself when switched on. Additionally, it can delete duplicate images stored on the smartphone and even ZIP apps which are not frequently used. The feature is also able to delete saved APK files on the device.

Samsung Galaxy A6+ Front Camera. (Image: Sarthak Dogra/

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The Galaxy A6+ also comes with Samsung Pay Mini, a limited version of Samsung Pay that only allows you to connect your digital wallets or UPI wallet to your Samsung Pay account. Another such app offered by the Galaxy A6+ is the Samsung Mall wherein users can search for a particular product using an image search across 4 different e-commerce portals. There’s also a dual messenger that works for Facebook and WhatsApp and lets you operate two different accounts on the same device.

The 3500 mAh battery on the Samsung Galaxy A6+ is good enough to last a day. The cameras on the device, though impressive, have a certain limitation. We will discuss this more in a full review of the smartphone soon. As for the first impressions, the cameras on the Galaxy A6+ will work well for your Instagram account or similar social media-based activities.

Samsung Galaxy A6+ Dual Camera at the back. (Image: Sarthak Dogra/

What do we think?

Priced at Rs 25,990, the Galaxy A6+ is a very good option to choose from the smartphones available in this range. The device comes with a trusted ‘Samsung’ branding, performs well, offers a plethora of in-trend features to make your smartphone usage easier and is good to look at too. It runs the latest Android version, offers ample battery backup and a good camera quality. Just one more differentiating feature and Samsung would have killed the competition with the Galaxy A6+.

There are, however, strong contenders to the Galaxy A6+ at its price, namely the Oppo F7 and the Vivo V9, which offer more or less the same features and that too at a lower price point. What's more, both the smartphones come with an iPhone X like notch display, making them a better option for anyone looking for that design. For everything else, the Galaxy A6+ impresses equally and even more.

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