Samsung is Getting Closer to Building QD-OLED TVs, And LG Should be Very Worried

Image for Representation

Image for Representation

Samsung says their new quantum dot LED technology improves quantum efficiency, as well as extends the lifetime of the QLED element.

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Even though Samsung uses OLED display technology on smartphones, the big name in the OLED television space is still LG. However, Samsung had stated in October that it will be investing USD 11 billion by 2025 to build a factory that is capable of building true QLED television screens that self-illuminate. Samsung Fellow Dr Eunjoo Jang and Dr Yu-Ho Won, Principal Researcher at the Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology have now published a paper in the scientific journal Nature that speaks about a new quantum dot LED tech that improves quantum efficiency, as well as extends the lifetime of the QLED element, according to Samsung.

The researchers concluded that the new method, by improving the structure of Quantum Dots, had improved quantum efficiency by 21.4 per cent. They further found that it increased the QLED lifetime to a million hours, Samsung further said. Speaking about the study, Dr Jang noted, "Thanks to Samsung’s distinctive core material technology, we were able to work towards exploring the potentials of next-generation displays,” adding, "Going forward, we are looking to expand the range of development of eco-friendly displays by adopting Quantum Dots in new structures.” Samsung cited Dr Wong as saying that the study has enabled the creation of Quantum Dots with high efficiency regardless of shell thickness.

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