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Samsung One UI Aims to Deliver Comfortable Digital Experiences: Yoojin Hong, Head of UX


Last Updated: September 02, 2020, 12:42 IST

Samsung One UI Aims to Deliver Comfortable Digital Experiences: Yoojin Hong, Head of UX

Samsung gives inside details on the philosophy of its current smartphone user interface, One UI, that is soon going to jump onto the third iteration.

Unlike in the past when cellphones had physical buttons and a limited number of features, smartphones now offer a wide range of functions and according to a global Samsung executive, developing a simple yet effective user interface (UI) is the key to deliver comfortable digital experiences and Galaxy Note20 series does just that. Using the same component that serves as the device’s viewing medium for the primary input tool can sometimes present difficulties for users. This is where the device’s UI comes into play.

In 2018, Samsung introduced an improved version of its standard user interface and software overlay called ‘One UI’. One UI is Samsung’s custom Android skin that’s currently on its second iteration, and soon going on the third. According to Yoojin Hong, Vice President and Head of User Experience, Samsung Electronics, the ‘One UI’ has taken a giant leap with the new Galaxy Note20 series.

“For the Galaxy Note20, we focused on enhancing the most important usability features, making them even more seamless and impactful. This was based on consumer feedback. Note users are very loyal and huge fans of the S Pen and Notes experiences, and we wanted to elevate those features even further with our latest offering,” Hong told IANS.

One UI has been further developed into ‘One UI 2’, which was unveiled at the end of last year. One UI 2.5 update is now available for the Galaxy S20 phones and is rolling out to more Samsung devices. Through usage pattern analysis, Samsung found that more users create content with their smartphones. “Previously, tablets and PC were the main tools in content production, but with bigger screens and enhanced software experiences, more users are also using their smartphones,” Hong said. The company redesigned Samsung Notes to provide a more simplistic user experience but with more functionality.

“For example, with the Note9, we added a floating toolbar with free positioning. However, we received user feedback requesting a fixed toolbar. So with the Note10, we included a new toolbar that docked at the bottom, but could be freely repositioned to avoid interference,” Hong explained. In Note20, the ‘Auto Straighten’ feature adjusts uneven or sideways writing.

“We know that many consumers have handwriting that tilts while they’re writing. The straightening feature is enabled by excellent handwriting recognition based on pattern analysis,” she emphasised. The company introduced in Note20 a new page structure in Samsung Notes and allowed users to handwrite notes on PDF files, images and texts directly through Samsung Notes, reflecting one of the frequent requests from users “We reinforced to deliver a seamlessly integrated experience with auto-saving and syncing across mobile devices, tablets and PCs. We also expanded our long-term collaboration with Microsoft to make working across devices even easier,” Hong told IANS.

The collaboration with Microsoft will ensure seamless integration between Galaxy devices with Microsoft 365 and Windows 10 PCs. According to the Samsung executive, they are continuing to develop One UI with the principles of “intuition, consistency and efficiency, and look forward to delivering new mobile experiences for consumers that make their lives easier”. We’ve also added a variety of new features to make the mobile experience comfortable and effortless. By introducing consistent and predictable patterns, we have enabled users to easily find even the newly added features,” Hong said. The priority, she added, is to maintain the screen simple and clean while adding new features. “We want consumers using our devices to feel that the experience is both straightforward and familiar,” she said.