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Samsung India E-Catalogue Will Reduce the Usage of Printed Brochures

Representative image.

Representative image.

Samsung has been using eco-friendly material for packing its devices since the first half of 2020.

South Korean electronics giant Samsung has announced that it will reduce the use of paper in printing brochures as part of the company’s Green initiative through which it aims to reduce its carbon footprint. Samsung India has launched an interactive e-catalogue for its complete range of products including smartphones, accessories, TVs, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, audio devices, and more. The e-catalogue is aimed at enhancing the buying experience for Samsung customers, apart from contributing towards the company’s green initiative.

The e-catalogue will offer buyers complete understanding of a product including specifications, features, benefits, high resolution pictures, and unboxing videos. Apart from contributing towards the environment, the e-catalogue is aimed at enhancing the experience of buying a Samsung product. “The e-catalogue offers in-depth information on Samsung products that facilitates consumers in making purchase decisions within the comfort and safety of their homes and spending less time at retail stores,” Ashish Bansal, Vice President, Corporate Marketing for Samsung India said in a statement.

The e-catalogue also allows the brand’s retail partners to share product-related information with customers via emails, WhatsApp, and SMS messages. The e-catalogue is optimised for mobile viewing. Samsung has said that customers can download the e-catalogue in high-resolution or low-resolution depending on their internet capacity. The company plans to keep updating the e-catalogue with latest products every now and then.

Samsung’s Green initiative is moves are much more subtle than its competitor Apple. Samsung had, in 2019 stopped using plastic packing materials for packing its electronics. Apple’s approach towards eco-friendly packing, however, has been considered quite extreme. Apple has discarded the charging brick in all of its products launched this year. This, Apple claims makes the iPhone box smaller and reduces a huge amount of plastic waste. Apple said that removing the adapters from iPhone boxes will cut over 12 million metric tons of carbon annually - equal to removing 450,000 cars from roads every year. The company claims that all of its products will be carbon neutral by 2030. Samsung, on the other had said last year that it will use 500,000 tons of recycled plastic and collect 7.5 million tons of discarded products by 2030.

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