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Samsung's New 50MP Camera Sensor Comes With Faster Auto-Focus and Ability to Shoot 8K Video

ISOCELL GN1 (Pic Source:  Samsung Newsroom)

ISOCELL GN1 (Pic Source: Samsung Newsroom)

Samsung's new ISOCELL GN1 is capable of capturing 100-megapixel images using the 50-megapixel sensor.

Samsung has introduced a new 50-megapixel camera sensor known as the ISOCELL GN1. The sensor comes with large 1.2μm-sized pixels and is the first sensor from Samsung to include both Dual Pixel and Tetracell technologies. According to the company, this will offer a combination of fast performance and good low-light image quality. The GN1 is also said to offer auto-focus speeds that can match DSLRs.

The GN1 also comes with 100 million phase-detection auto-focus (PDAF) agents. "Samsung’s Dual Pixel technology places two photodiodes side-by-side within a single pixel that can receive light from different angles for phase detection," the company said. "With all of the sensor’s active pixels working as auto-focusing agents, the GN1 can detect and focus onto a desired still or moving object from every corner in an instant, even in low-light conditions," Samsung said.

According to the company, the ISOCELL GN1 can take 12.5-megapixel still images with 2.4μm pixels for improved low-light photography in the pixel-binning mode. Furthermore, it will also provide a software algorithm offering a mode that lets users capture 100-megapixel images using the 50-megapixel sensor. Besides, the GN1 is also equipped with a Smart-ISO, gyro-based EIS, and up to 8K resolution at 30 frames-per-second video recording.

"With innovative pixel technologies, Samsung has been at the forefront of offering high-performance image sensors that closely cater to increasingly diversifying market needs. The ISOCELL GN1 is part of that commitment to deliver stunning images to consumers in any environment,” said Yongin Park, executive vice president of sensor business at Samsung Electronics. “We will continue to introduce image sensor solutions at the cutting-edge that will lead the next trends in mobile photography." Samsung has said that the mass production of the ISOCELL GN1 has already started. So, it is safe to assume, that it will show up in phones pretty soon.