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Skechers Go Walk Revolution Ultra Review: A New Beginning For The Fitness Shoe Family

Skechers Go Walk Revolution Ultra Review: A New Beginning For The Fitness Shoe Family

After years of design stagnation, Skechers has embarked on a mission of modernity with this shoe, and the results are impressive.

The reality is that Skechers, over the past few years, somewhat fell behind their rivals such as Nike and Reebok, as far as the designs of the fitness shoes were concerned. Mind you, the comfort level was not compromised in any way at all, and they remained extremely good to wear across a variety of usage scenarios. However, the designs of the shoes remained stuck in the past, and each new shoe just looked like a slightly tweaked version of its predecessor. That is set to change now, however. The Skechers Go Walk Revolution Ultra (the name is a mouthful, to be honest) is in many ways ushering in a new era for Skechers. Whether the company follows through on this or not is a separate matter altogether, but this is a new beginning nonetheless. This is priced at Rs6,499.

The upper of the Go Walk Revolution Ultra is what will immediately catch your attention, as soon as you pull this shoe out of the box. Gone seem to be the days when Skechers shoes had bulky uppers, which also added to the weight. Instead, it is certainly more modern with a sock-like mesh finish. Skechers calls it SOCKNIT360. Slip in your foot for the first time, and it feels very soft and allows great ventilation—extremely relevant in most seasons. It has been designed to provide the foot with a snug fit. This in turn gives your foot greater stability. The lacing mechanism can be further used to adjust the fit to your preference. However, we do feel that had Skechers done something on the lines of what Puma had done with the lacing technology on the Ignite Netfit, how you lace the shoe could have had a greater impact on what sort of fit you want.

The only downside of the knit upper is that some amount of cushioning comfort is sacrificed since there is no comfortable layer of foam enveloping your foot. This then, is meant for anyone who doesn’t mind the sock like layer and wouldn’t miss the soft and supple cradle a traditional upper of a shoe would provide.

Beneath your foot sits the midsole which is a single piece construction with the outsole. The advantage is this sort of an implementation is that it feels more robust overall and is lighter to wear too. The cushioning that you get in the Go Walk Revolution Ultra is good. A lot of that has to do with the Goga Mat insole that provides some amount of bounce-back too—it is important to get feedback from the surface you are jogging, walking or running on, as it simply helps you feel more confident about the grip and how your foot is falling, while walking, jogging or running. However, we would expect a slight tweak in the material to further improve the cushioning in the next update of the shoe. The materials used for the outsole are quite grippy as well, including damp and soggy surfaces.

The responsiveness is also boosted by what Skechers calls the Ultra Pillars on the outsole. These are very unique to look at, as they do stand out quite vividly in orange colour on an otherwise white colour outsole (though this white becomes something darker and dirtier after a while of walking outdoors). They have been placed at different points on the outsole, and the amount of flex they have adds to the feeling of “rebound”. Once you start wearing the Skechers Go Walk Revolution Ultra, you’ll not feel that your foot needs to adjust to any sort of a learning curve at all.

There is no doubt that Skechers is making a style statement with the Go Walk Revolution Ultra, particularly in the Black/Multi colour variant. These are very lightweight to wear too—tips the scales at around 214 grams. The grip levels are great, across a variety of surfaces. This is a shoe that comes in close competition with the New Balance Lazr (around Rs 6,999; newbalance.co.in), which also is ushering in a new start in terms of the design and has the great Lazr foam.