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Smarter Smartphones on The Way as 80% of New Phones Will Have AI by 2023

Smarter Smartphones on The Way as 80% of New Phones Will Have AI by 2023

The research also says that almost 50% of smartphones being sold now also have an artificial assistant built-in.

The age of genuinely smart smartphones is truly upon us, it seems. Some of that smartness comes from artificial intelligence (AI), when baked into smartphones. According to research firm Strategy Analytics in its latest Smartphones: Global Artificial Intelligence Technologies Forecast: 2010 to 2023 report, 47.7% of all smartphones being sold now have some sort of AI capabilities on-device. This means, almost half of the smartphones which you may consider buying, rely on artificial intelligence to enhance the user experience and allow for smarter interaction with the apps running on the phone.

The research also goes on to say that by the year 2023, almost 80% of all phones being sold at that time will rely on on-device AI capabilities.

“A smartphone equipped with on-device AI can perform key tasks more efficiently. On-device AI can perform tasks such as taking pictures with sharper images and better videos, improve communication and better sense surroundings, making smartphones of the future more useful tools for users,” says Ken Hyers, Director at Strategy Analytics, in an official statement.

There are two aspects to on-device AI. The first is the hardware side of things, which requires specific chips, designed for neural processing. Then there are the algorithms which will offload AI computation to several processors on the device, such as the processor and the graphics chips. Eventually, you are able to use artificially intelligence virtual assistants such as Google Assistant and Apple Siri, on your phone.

The report suggests that in 2017 Google Assistant was the leading AI assistant for smartphones, with a 46.7 per cent market share, followed by Apple's Siri meant for iPhones with 40.1 per cent. It is expected that Google Assistant will get a market share of 51.3 per cent this by the end of 2018 and rise to 60.6 per cent by 2023.