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Smartron t.phone P Review: A Budget Android Experience in an Impressive Shell

Smartron t.phone P Review: A Budget Android Experience in an Impressive Shell

Smartron t.phone P has a lot to boast of when compared to other smartphones at its price. Read all about the USPs of the smartphone and what is lacking in it to deliver that perfect Android smartphone experience.

Homegrown smartphone manufacturer, Smartron has had a range of smartphones on offer now since its initiation last year. The latest one amongst the lot is the t.phone P, launched at a price of Rs 7,999 as a Flipkart exclusive. As a budget segment entry, the t.phone P does offer a lot of features which are unique at its price point. To list a few, the smartphone sports a full metal body, Smartron’s own support apps and a massive 5000 mAh battery as a backup. Now it is always good to see the India companies coming up with good products in the market but just how good is the t.phone P as an Android device, we find out in this review after a couple of week’s usage of the smartphone.

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What’s Cool?

To look at, the t.phone P is quite an appealing smartphone. This is again subjective to the kind of phone one is used to. But the generic thought for anyone accustomed to budget Android devices will come out to be this, largely due to the simple and elegant design of the smartphone, the metallic finish and the round edges.

The key elements are all placed in just the right spots. Power button and volume rockers on the right for easy access, fingerprint sensor at the back that is easily usable, and speakers at the bottom of the chin (just recall how the audio output is muffed in a smartphone when the speakers are placed at the back and the smartphone is kept face up on a surface). There is also a 3.5mm audio jack at the top.

A commendable feature of the t.phone P is its metallic build. Though it does make the smartphone a bit heavy, it scores equally on the strength of the device. Rough use will not deter it from being intact. Surprisingly, the smartphone is even fingerprint proof, a feature not every metallic phone can boast of.

The display of the t.phone P is another plus, standing 5.2-inch long diagonally and delivering an HD quality. It is bright enough for outdoor use and is crisp for an easy grasping of whatever is being displayed on it. It is sure to deliver a good movie watching experience.

Smartron t.phone P Back Panel. (Image: Sarthak Dogra/ News18.com)

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The close to stock Android UI that Smartron has used on the t.phone P is surprisingly easy to use. It has bold, round icons for easy distinction, not much gesture movements and everything is in place for easy identification. Bottom line, you will not have to meddle with the phone too much to look for anything. Everything is right there!

Smartron’s own set of apps come as another plus on the smartphone. Take, for example, the t.cloud, which offers a 1000GB of cloud storage to the users in addition to the existing memory of the smartphone. If we were to calculate, there is a 32GB onboard storage, expandable up to 128GB using external microSD, plus a 1000GB free cloud storage. The total comes out to be more than sufficient for anyone to store their data.

All these are, however, not the biggest USP of the t.phone P. That title is taken hands down by the battery backup that the device carries. A 5,000 mAh battery has been used for the t.phone’s backup. In practicality, this is easily enough for a day’s work, goes well for one and a half days and has the potential to extend to two days with strict usage. The phone does take a long time to charge though. In our test, the battery acquired just more than 50 percent of charge in one and a half hours.

The fingerprint sensor is also a mentionable feature on the t.phone P. It is quick, convenient and solves its purpose in quite an efficient manner.

Smartron t.phone P edge. (Image: Sarthak Dogra/ News18.com)

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What’s Not so Cool?

With all its plus points, the t.phone P does come with certain shortcomings as well. A much noticeable one is its performance under heavy use. While the smartphone can cruise through everyday smartphone uses, it starts lagging upon prolonged use under heavy demands. For instance, a heavy game like Mortal Kombat X, Real Racing 3 will make the smartphone perform in a not-so-desirable fashion.

The touch experience of the smartphone is also not that refined. One has to be accurate with their touch, and exert the required pressure for it to work fine. The smoothness in the experience is somehow missing, which is more noticeable over time.

The cameras on the t.phone P are just average and one shall not expect a great deal from them. Though they produce decent images as per the expectations of a budget Android user, the results cannot be matched with other camera-centric smartphones from the likes of Honor, Oppo, Vivo even in the budget bracket. The images lack adequate detailing, colour and start pixelating at an undesirable rate upon zooming into them.

Smartron t.phone P. (Image: Sarthak Dogra/ News18.com)

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All in all, the t.phone P can be considered to be an average Android experience in an impressive shell. The smartphone will certainly cater well to those who do not require much out of their smartphone apart from performing daily tasks, like calling, messaging, staying socially connected and watching videos or playing music.

In case your usage extends to playing graphics-heavy games, using heavy apps for tasks like video editing, audio mixing or anything of the sorts and if you require extensive camera quality, you can skip the t.phone P.

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