Snapchat Wants You to See Ads in Augmented Reality, Launches AR Tool for Advertisers

Snapchat Wants You to See Ads in Augmented Reality, Launches AR Tool for Advertisers

Given the popularity of Snap's lenses, the Lens Web Builder could turn out to be a demanding thing for small and medium-sized businesses in the days to come.

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  • Last Updated: June 17, 2020, 11:40 AM IST
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Snapchat has launched Lens Web Builder, an augmented reality toolkit targeted at advertisers in what is possibly the weakest spell for companies dependent on ad-based earnings for revenue. The company claims that it is an industry-first initiative, introducing a web-based augmented reality ad production tool that is meant to help third party companies make the most of Snap's existing AR tools. On this note, Snapchat's Lens Web Builder would enable any interested party to build AR lenses without extensive developer efforts. This can also help in deploying AR ads, which in theory sounds more interactive than a standard ad, and hence, may offer an all new dimension of user engagement.

Lens Web Builder can be operated from any web browser, and gives users access to a library of hundreds of 3D objects, animations and effects that can help create custom AR lenses. The flexible edit tools also claim to allow brands to add their commercials to an ad. Creators can also upload their own 2D assets, such as logos and images, to further customise their AR experience.

According to Snapchat's in-house data, more than 70 million people access its AR lenses every day, and use these AR tools for an average of three minutes per session. Such an advertisement tool can be of potential help for sectors such as travel and hospitality, that will need a greater user engagement push in order to recover in a post-Covid world. The move also aligns with Snap's AR work with the Snapchat app, as well as Lens Studio.

Last week, the company held its annual developer event where it unveiled a new camera and a raft of new updates to its Lens Studio and the app, with an aim to expand the platform's existing catalogue of AR content through features like PlantSnap, Dog Scanner and Voice Scan. It also introduced an AR-based Voice Scan feature, which enables users to search for lenses using voice commands that change their appearances.

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