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Sony Bravia X90J is a 55-inch 4K TV That Claims to Think Like a Human


Last Updated: June 11, 2021, 14:54 IST

Sony Bravia X90J is a 55-inch 4K TV That Claims to Think Like a Human

The Sony Bravia X90J features the company’s new Cognitive Processor XR engine, which can apparently perceive colours like humans to give a more natural viewing experience.

Sony has launched a new TV, the party piece of which is its image processor that claims to “think like a human”. Before we delve into a debate on whether we want more gadgets to think like human beings, Sony claims that instead of the typical advancements of AI, this one’s based purely on colour and the way the average human eye perceives the world around. To this front, Sony’s description of Cognitive Processor XR is similar to what many TV makers have claimed micro LED TVs will be able to do. However, the Sony Bravia X90J is a seemingly standard LED TV, which aims to replicate the micro control of colour, brightness and contrast that micro LED TVs can do.

Describing the Cognitive Processor XR image processing engine, Sony says, “Cognitive Processor XR divides the screen into hundreds of zones and recognises individual objects in these zones better than ever before. What’s more, they can cross-analyse around a few hundred thousand different elements that make up a picture in a second, the same way that our brains work.” It further adds, “Conventional AI can only detect and analyse elements like colour, contrast and detail individually. Cognitive Processor XR can cross-analyse every element at once.”

How this works, according to Sony, is by breaking down the entire screen into sub-areas or modules, internally. The Cognitive Processor XR will then micro-control each element, which includes contrast, colour, clarity and focal point. Each of these will then be adjusted in accordance to the way human eyes perceive each. It will then cross-analyse each of these points, with focal point standing for motion in the picture, to readjust them according to the entire scene. It will also apply the same to audio output, and Sony claims that the advanced sound processing through this engine “mimics the human ear by pinpointing where sound is coming from and placing it in the right spot on screen.”

Other technical details of the Sony Bravia X90J include 55-inch screen size, a full array LED panel with XR contrast booster for better blacks, the XR Triluminos Pro colour engine for more luminance in colour, a new generation XR Motion Clarity engine as part of the Cognitive engine, 3D surround and acoustic multi-audio speakers, HDMI 2.1 compatibility, 4K 120fps playback, variable refresh rate to auto-adjust to content, e-ARC, and finally, Auto Low Latency mode. There is also compatibility with AirPlay 2 and HomeKit for the Apple smart home ecosystem, and Google Assistant on TV as well.

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    The Sony Bravia XR 55-inch X90J 4K smart TV is now up for sale on all usual Sony retail channels (both offline and online), and is priced at Rs 1,39,990.

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    first published:June 11, 2021, 14:54 IST
    last updated:June 11, 2021, 14:54 IST