Sony Confirms There's No Official Launch Date for PlayStation 5 in India Yet

Sony Confirms There's No Official Launch Date for PlayStation 5 in India Yet

Sony PlayStation 5 consoles' sale has started in select countries like the US and Japan. The company will launch the gaming consoles globally on November 19.

Sony PlayStation 5 will hit global markets on November 19, but the company has now confirmed that there's no official launch date for the Indian market, yet. Although the India pricing details of the new consoles that include the digital PS5 and standard PS5 with the disk drive, have been revealed for quite some time now, Sony is yet to share their exact availability details for Indian customers. The delay would be a blow to several fans who have been anticipating its arrival for months. Meanwhile, Microsoft's latest consoles, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S are available to purchase in India. On the other hand, PS5 sale has already commenced in select countries like the US and Japan.

In a post on Facebook that was published earlier today, Sony has said that the company would share more details over the launch of PS5 in India as soon as factors such as local import regulations, and other terms are met. The same factors are also crucial for other countries, therefore it is likely that the PS5 consoles might not arrive in several markets on November 19. Over the last few months, Sony has been keeping the hype around its PS5 consoles by regularly sharing details such its FAQs, teardown videos, and so on. Earlier this week, Sony released an extensive list of FAQs that answer questions regarding PlayStation 5's game compatibility, region-wise accessibility, connectivity features, performance, and more.

Previously, it was revealed that PS5 consoles feature backwards compatibility, although there are ten titles from PlayStation 4 that won't run. Similarly, users can already pre-book several games for the new consoles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Far Cry 6, NBA 2K21 Forever edition, and more. Additionally, Sony also stated that the new consoles would only come in a single colour finish. Customers can still purchase PS5 skins from third-party vendors. Its price is set at Rs 49,990 for the standard variant while PS Digital edition costs Rs 39,990. Both PlayStation models come with the same specifications, with the presence or absence of a disc drive being the only difference.

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