Sony PlayStation 5 Users Are Unable to Download Games and Apps Due to a 'Download Queue' Bug

Sony PlayStation 5 Users Are Unable to Download Games and Apps Due to a 'Download Queue' Bug

A report claims that users were unable to download titles such as Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and even apps like Disney+. The PS5 will be available to purchase globally starting November 19.

The newly launched Sony PlayStation 5 reportedly suffers from a bug that is preventing some users from downloading games and apps. According to an IGN report, the bug causes games and apps to be caught in a "Queued for Download" or error state with the only solution appears to be resting the console. Notably, the bug was observed by both IGN staff members and users, and Sony is yet to formally address the alleged issue. Currently, both the standard and digital PlayStation 5 consoles are available to purchase in select countries like Japan and the US. The global launch of the consoles will take place on November 19; however, Sony has confirmed that there's no official launch date for India yet.

The report notes that the error occurs when a product is first set to download. "The bug can then seemingly take two forms, either listing the game/app as Queued for Download or as having suffered a download error," it added. In some cases, the PS5 library shows that the user already owns the game, though PS5 Store highlights that the title needs to be purchased. The report also states that several users reported the problem while downloading Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, whereas, the PS4 version of the title appears to e downloading without any error. The error was also noted while downloading titles such as Demon's Souls, Spider-Man: Remastered and Sackboy: A Big Adventure. It further prevented some users from downloading the Disney+ app.

Meanwhile, the publisher of Call of Duty, Activision has asked users facing the error to factory reset their console. As mentioned, this appears to be the only fix available at the moment. The cause of this error also remains unknown, and a security patch is expected from Sony shortly which is slated to launch the consoles to global markets on November 19. Notably, the new Xbox consoles that went on sale last week were too facing issues with the hardware, as per users reports available online.

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