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Sony PS5 DualSense Edge Pre-Order Begins in India: All Details

By: Shaurya Sharma

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Last Updated: November 23, 2022, 15:31 IST

New Delhi, India

DualSense Edge retains the vanilla DualSense design aesthetic (Image: Sony)

DualSense Edge retains the vanilla DualSense design aesthetic (Image: Sony)

Sony's own "pro" DualSense Edge controller featuring swappable stick caps, back buttons, with half-dome and lever options is up for pre-order in India.

Sony unveiled its pro-grade DualSense Edge controller in August this year, and now, the gaming giant has finally put the controller up for pre-order for a January 26, 2023, release date in India, in line with the global launch.

PlayStation’s own take on a “pro" controller features swappable stick caps, and swappable back buttons, with half-dome and lever options. The back buttons can be remapped for better control, available at your fingertips.

Where can you pre-order the PS5 DualSense Edge controller?

Starting at Rs 18,990, the DualSense Edge is Sony’s first official pro-grade controller for the PS5.


According to our sources, DualSense Edge will be first available at Sony Centers across India, with availability on the launch date of January 26, 2023 itself.

However, the controller is available for pre-order across a host of different online retailers and local game stores, including Amazon India, Games The Shop, and Sony India’s own ShopAtSc. Usually, online retailers ship a day or two before launch, but often, deliveries are delayed owing to various logistics issues.

Internal memo from a Sony Center (Image: News18)

Local Sony Centers have started collecting pre-order tokens as well, and that could be the fastest way to get your hands on the controller if you aren’t a fan of waiting. As per past trends, Sony first-party games and accessories end landing Day-1 at most Sony Centers, and this time round, it should not be any different

PS5 DualSense Edge features truly standout

The new DualSense Edge has a USB Type-C braided cable with connector housing to secure the connection into place and prevent unintentional disconnecting, unlike the vanilla DualSense. Additionally, DualSense Edge includes a carrying bag that lets you charge the controller through USB while it is kept there.

The removable stick modules are what really set the DualSense Edge controller apart from the competition, even though it still has all of the standard DualSense features like adaptive triggers, haptic feedback, a built-in microphone, and motion controls. The Xbox Elite Wireless controller, for example, does not include swappable stick modules. The interchangeable stick modules will be available for purchase separately.

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