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Sony Reon Pocket 2 is a Wearable AC With Phone Controls and a Rs 10,000 Price Tag

Sony Reon Pocket 2 is a Wearable AC With Phone Controls and a Rs 10,000 Price Tag

The Reon Pocket 2 is the second generation of the wearable air conditioner that Sony crowdfunded in 2019, and has been selling commercially since last year.

Sony has announced the launch of the second generation of its wearable air conditioner from its rather novel and quirky crowdfunded product lineup. Called Reon Pocket 2, the wearable AC is in line with its Reon Pocket that Sony introduced back in 2019. Back then only a crowdfunding project, the portable air conditioner – which Sony (in its marketing lingo) calls a wearable thermo device with enhanced cooling function – is now a commercial vertical. It features a few improvements over its previous edition but is largely similar, and has been unveiled for sale in retail markets at a price of JPY 14,850, which is approximately Rs 10,500.

Whether you agree with the concept of a wearable air conditioner or not is a debate for a different day, but right now, the Reon Pocket 2 is undeniably a novel product to know about. Sony states that both the heating and cooling functions can be controlled via a synced smartphone app. In comparison to other such portable AC devices in the market, Sony claims that it features a newly designed drive circuit, which can seemingly offer twice the endothermic performance. In common parlance, this should mean twice as efficient heating or cooling performance as general portable ACs.

Now, the second generation Sony Reon Pocket 2 apparently gets sweat and drip resistance, which the company claims makes it suited for use even in workouts. This may or may not be particularly advisable, since regulating normal body temperatures while working out isn’t exactly advisable. In its launch release, Sony also hints at a wider upcoming ecosystem of accessories for the Reon Pocket 2 by stating, “By expanding the items that can be attached to the main body, it can be used for various purposes according to your lifestyle.”

On this note, Sony also claims that it is working towards expanding the ecosystem of wearable items and compatible accessories for the product. “We will start offering licenses for Reon Pocket compatible wear and accessories. Corresponding items are given the ‘Reon Pocket Certified’ logo, and have a design that takes into consideration the intake and exhaust structure of the main body and a colour that does not easily absorb sunlight in the storage part of the main body,” the official release states.

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