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Spotify for Android Reportedly Testing Sleep Timer, Scan Codes and Maps Integration

Spotify Is Testing a New Two-Person Subscription Plan REUTERS/Christian Hartmann/File Photo

Spotify Is Testing a New Two-Person Subscription Plan REUTERS/Christian Hartmann/File Photo

The sleep timer on Spotify sounds the most lucrative feature of the lot, wherein users can choose when the music would auto-stop, as you go to sleep.

  • Last Updated: April 3, 2019, 8:18 PM IST
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Spotify is reportedly testing new features for its Android app. The features have been discovered by engineer Jane Wong, who reverse-engineered the code inside Spotify’s early builds of the app on Android, and discovered that there is existing code for the mentioned features. While this does not necessarily guarantee that any of these features would make it to the app’s stable build, it certainly leaves possibility for the same to happen, some time in future.

Among the three features that have been mentioned, the most lucrative of the bunch appears to be a ‘sleep timer’. With this, users can plug into their favourite music while going to sleep, and while the playlist in concern might be long, the app can be configured to stop the music and close itself, after a specific amount of time. According to the screenshot shared by Wong, the options will range from five minutes to one hour, or simply till the end of the presently playing track. This can be particularly nifty for those who listen to long orchestras, and are in the habit of playing music while dozing off.

The second feature that was mentioned include Spotify integration with Google Maps. This will make it easier to navigate, play music and drive at the same time, and is aimed at making travelling safer. There is a large amount of distraction involved, if users attempt to switch between apps while driving. As a result, this integration will lead to Spotify controls being embedded into Google Maps while driving, and a navigation interface cross-integrated into Spotify when the latter is open.

The third feature in the list makes it easier for users to share their presently playing track or playlist, through an audiogram-looking scannable barcode. Scanning this code with their respective Spotify accounts will help users tune into what their peers are playing, making music sharing easier. Unfortunately, there is no word as of now in terms of when Spotify might release these features, and it is very likely that they might not surface at all.

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