Spotify for Podcasters Now Offers a Dashboard that Gives Creators Access to User Data

Spotify for Podcasters Now Offers a Dashboard that Gives Creators Access to User Data

Creators on the Spotify for Podcasters platform can now access data such as listener age and choice of music and podcasts, in order to better refine their content.

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  • Last Updated: August 14, 2019, 6:25 PM IST
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Spotify for Podcasters has finally released a stable build of the creators dashboard, which offers podcasters on its platform access to key user data that no other services provide so far. Released yesterday, the Spotify for Podcasters dashboard will allow the creators and publishers on the platform access to data points such as listener age, gender, location and listening preferences, all of which will combine to help these podcasters refine their podcasts, while also getting better data metrics to sell to advertisers.

The dashboard was already available in beta, but with the release of the stable build, all creators can now access the data. Although Spotify has made its product available across the world, it will initially be available only in English. Reports state that the platform may evolve in terms of supported languages and overall interface in the long run, since the Spotify platform already plays host to over 4,50,000 podcast shows, which demands for increased diversity and variety of data points made available.

The reason why Spotify can provide the service over competitors such as Apple Music is because it requires a user to sign up on its platform before they can listen to podcasts, which in turn provides the company with accessible data to its users that it can pass on to creators. The mode is similar to the Spotify for Artists platform, which allows musicians a versatile tool set such as identifying user listening trends, and publishing tour and album release dates in advance, in order to maximise interest and garner a wider audience base.

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