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Spotify Now Lets You Add Podcasts to Your Playlists; Expect Better Discoverability Too

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Last Updated: October 02, 2019, 08:55 IST

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Image for Representation

Spotify's mobile app users can add unlimited podcasts as well as music to the same playlist.

Music streaming service Spotify has rolled out a new feature that allows users to add podcasts to playlists. Users can now curate and sort their favourite podcasts the way they like, as they have done for music all along. A podcast playlist can be built by tapping the three-dot menu next to the podcast episode and then selecting the “Add to playlist” option. The podcast can be added to a playlist that has already been created, or one can build a new playlist from there itself. There is no limit on the number of podcasts that can be added to a playlist.

Once users create the podcast playlist, it can be shared publicly just like a music playlist. Podcasters might use this to improve the discoverability of their podcast episodes and market their shows by putting together an easy to find playlist. Similarly, individuals can share a playlist of their favourite podcasts with their friends, or a playlist can be created curating different podcasts around a common theme to disseminate information in public.

Spotify has more than 3 billion user-generated music playlists on its service today, and one would assume that the podcast playlist feature will gain traction among users. Also, it is a logical step ahead for the music streaming service, which claims to have “hundreds of thousands” of podcasts available to stream on its platform. However, the new feature is currently being rolled out only on Spotify’s mobile app and is not yet available on the desktop version, but expect that to change soon.