Spotify Premium Family Plan Let's Your Entire Family Enjoy Music For Rs 179 Per Month

Spotify Premium Family Plan Let's Your Entire Family Enjoy Music For Rs 179 Per Month

Spotify is introducing its Family Plan to Indian users adding a host of new features for the entire family.

Spotify still stands as the number one music streaming service globally. After officially launching in India earlier this year, the company has today announced the availability of its Premium Family plan. The special premium plan is priced at Rs 179 per month, allowing one to add multiple users under a single plan.

Here is what one can expect from Spotify Premium Family plan:

-Individual Accounts: With up to six accounts per family, everyone gets to play their own music and podcasts

-Premium For Everyone: Everyone on the plan gets the full Spotify Premium experience

-Save and play music offline (no-data required) on up to three devices per Premium account Play any song or audio content, anytime, on any device with no restrictions or ads

-Super Simple Bill: One monthly bill sent to the master account holder, for the entire family

The Premium Family plan was recently updated globally, so users in india get additional features. First of all, there is the parental controls, which is as simple as it sounds. Parents will be able to control the Explicit Content Filter setting for music for all other accounts on their plan. Families will also get exclusive access to a personalised playlist called Family Mix which will include songs that the whole family can enjoy. According to Spotify, Family Mix will be updated regularly and one can fine tune their family’s favourite shared listening moments. There is also a Family Hub where users can manage their family’s settings in one place, including adding or removing members, keeping your home address up to date, and adjusting your parental controls.

“Spotify’s Premium Family plan has been loved across markets, and we know that our users in India wanted it when we launched in February. Family time and recreation are a core part of our culture, and we want users to discover new music and podcasts through their family, without compromising on their personal taste and app experience. We are thrilled to bring this subscription tier to the country” added Amarjit Batra, Managing Director - India, Spotify.

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