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Spotify Stories With Playlists Should Help Users With New Music Discovery

Spotify Stories on Christmas Hits playlist.

Spotify Stories on Christmas Hits playlist.

Spotify Stories for playlists is slightly different from the story feature on other platforms like Instagram and Snapchat. Here, the Stories appear within a playlist instead of the homepage.

Spotify has become the latest platform to add the 'Story' feature that allows users to post photos or videos that typically disappear after 24 hours. The new feature is currently being tested although, they are visible on select Spotify playlists which can be accessed via both Android and iOS apps. Similarly, the ability to upload stories currently resides with limited artists, and the company is yet to share more details about its general availability. Over the last few months, social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn rolled out their own versions of stories (Fleets for Twitter) that are available to use globally.

Spotify also confirmed the development to Engadget saying that the story feature is currently in its initial stages. "We routinely conduct a number of tests in an effort to improve our user experience. Some of those tests end up paving the path for our broader user experience and others serve only as an important learning. We have no further news to share on future plans at this time," the company added.

However, the story feature on Spotify playlist is slightly different in comparison to other social media platforms. At the moment, to view a story users have to open a playlist and look for the story section directly on that page. Whereas, on other platforms, the ability to view and upload a story is available on the homepage of the app. Additionally, it appears that the current stories on Spotify playlists do not disappear after 24 hours. The story section can be found on the Spotify playlist, Christmas Hits that includes snippets from artists like Kelly Clarkson, Meghan Trainor, and more. The news of Spotify working on stories feature first came out in January this year when the Swedish music streaming platform allowed limited influencers to share snippets alongside their public playlists. At that time, notable fashion influencer Summer Mckeen had the option to upload stories on her Spotify profile that has over one lakh followers.

Spotify has over 299 million active monthly users and is one of the most popular music and audio streaming platform globally. With the new feature, the company would like to retain it dominant position against rivals such as Apple Music, Amazon Music, Saavn, and more. Similarly, this may also help users discover new music as they are now being guided by their favourite artists in a new format. Recently, the company had faced a severe security threat from unknown online attackers. As a result, the company has started resetting passwords of nearly 350,000 users who are believed to be impacted.