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Spotify Will Now Let Users Search for Songs by Their Lyrics

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Spotify is getting the feature about two years after its biggest competitor Apple Music.

Music streaming app Spotify has rolled out a new feature for its iOS and Android app that will allow users to search for songs by typing in the lyrics. Spotify users are getting the feature very late as competitor Apple Music has had the same feature since a couple of years now. While apps like Shazam make it easier for people to identify the songs they don’t know the name or the artist of, it is only useful when the song is playing. Spotify has now made it easier for users to identify songs playing in their head.

The development was announced by Spotify search designer Lina on Twitter, and reported on by 9to5Mac. “My team has shipped something on iOS and Android - now you can find songs by lyrics on Spotify," Lina said in the tweet. In most cases, searching for the lyrics on Google gives the name of the song, which users were supposed to search for in the app. Now, Spotify has simplified that procedure as users will be able to search for songs by just typing in the lyrics. Users can simply type in the lyrics of any song in the Spotify search bar to search for a song. Apple had added the feature to Apple Music in 2018, along with the iOS 12 update.

This minor but significant update comes after Spotify updated its Collaborative Playlists feature last week. The new update gave Spotify users a new Collaborative Playlists interface, which added an “Add" button, along with avatars of all contributors in a collaborative playlist.