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Stadia Gaming Director Says 400 New Games in Development for Google's Cloud Gaming Platform


Last Updated: November 25, 2020, 14:33 IST

Google Stadia

Google Stadia

Google's Cloud Gaming service Stadia completed one year on November 19.

Google’s cloud gaming service Stadia completed a year recently, on November 19. In its past one year, Google Stadia has been both praised and criticised for various things. While the game streaming service works impressively well and supports a number of devices and operating systems, it has been criticised for the lack of games, features, and pricing options. Google Stadia costs $10 per month (roughly Rs 730) after a free monthly trial in the US. To mark the cloud gaming service’s first anniversary, Google Stadia’s Director of Games Jack Buser spoke about Google Stadia’s past one year, future plans, and his vision for the cloud gaming service.

In an interview with Canadian website Mobile Syrup, Buser shed some light on what can be expected from Google’s cloud gaming platform in the next couple of years. While speaking to the Mobile Syrup, Buser cleared the air on what seems to be the biggest concern for gamers - the number of games on Stadia. Buser said that Google has built a roadmap of about 400 games for Stadia that are in development right now from about 200 developers. He, however, said that not all games will be launched in 2021. “when those games land, whether it’s in the calendar year of 2021 or beyond, is something that you’ll hear more from us in the future," Buser told Mobile Syrup. Further, Buser said that the company will also bring in more developers in the future.

Throughout his interview, Buser stressed on the importance of Stadia being the first platform of its kind. He said that it is tough as a new enterant in the industry, but one has to prove themselves or what they are bringing to the market. Further, Buser said that the ease of access that Stadia provides is something that was not seen before - users do not need to buy a console and all the games are included with the subscription fee, hence no need to buy games as well. He said that his team’s work for 2021 is also complete and now Stadia is focusing on 2022 and the years beyond. “We have a very exciting year ahead of us. And, in fact, we have a very exciting many years ahead of us," Buser ended the interview with. You can read the full interview by clicking here.

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