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Taking Notes On An Apple iPad? These Are The Five Must Have Apps

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Last Updated: August 18, 2021, 19:00 IST

Microsoft OneNote and Apple's own Notes app are great options to scribble notes on an iPad

Microsoft OneNote and Apple's own Notes app are great options to scribble notes on an iPad

There are a couple of apps for handwritten notes that can be assessed without paying a subscription too, while others have some features unlocked for trying out.

An aPPLE iPad along with an Apple Pencil is an incredible combination for digital note-taking, if that catches your fancy. There are a number of apps on the App Store for handwritten notes, all at a price, and all claiming to be the best. Yet, there are many apps that give a preview of their potential for free. However, the major features remain locked until a premium price is paid, but you can still get started with note taking on an iPad with a Pencil. If you want to try before you splurge on all the premium features, or can make do with the free options too, here are some of the best apps for scribbling notes on an iPad.

Microsoft OneNote
The classic notebook app is free to use and comes with useful productivity features.Notes in this app are arranged on the sidebar by Notebooks, Sections, and Pages. One can make sub-notebooks and sub-pages. You can use the app to add text, draw, insert files, change paper styles, record audio and a lot more. It comes with a pressure-sensitive pen tool and a highlighter, both of which can be completely color-customized. It also lets the user save an unlimited number of favorite pens and highlighters and choose from six styleorientations. OneNote integrates content including text, drawings, PDFs, and more, all on one page.

Note-taking functionality for freeis the highlight of this app. It is one of the best free alternatives out there to other known digital note-taking apps — Goodnotes and Notability. A classic pen, pencil, highlighter, lasso, and eraser setis offered with colours that can be completely customized. Other handy tools include laser pointer, adjustable ruler, stickers, and voice notes that start syncing with the time you start writing. You also have a number of templates to choose from, and have the option to collaborate notes with other users. You can also create public documents that display as "rooms".

Notebook by Zoho
If you want to blend typed notes with handwritten ones, this app is for you. This app is also useful when you need to insert a hand-drawn diagram on a page of written notes. You can completely customise the colors of a pencil, pen, and highlighter tool. A few other features include the ability to set a password to be able to open notes. You can scan documents and directly annotate them.

Loose Leaf
Loose Leaf operates exactly as the name suggests. No notebooks, only stacks of sketches and notes. Designed to look like you’re scribbling on loose pieces of paper, this is the perfect simple app to sketch ideas on. Closing loose-leaf stacks, deleting notes, and flipping pagesare the movements in the offering. The pen and marker tools are pressure-sensitive with only five choices of primary colors. Some unique features are the Scissor tooland an asymmetry tool, useful page styles, including a blank to-do list.

Apple Notes
This default app is packed with hidden features. For example, one can take notes and sync them across multiple devices. The Notes app comes with an adjustable ruler, a lasso tool and the ability to customize your colors. There is an Auto-Minimize option, which enables the movement of the toolbar when you start writing. You can also change the paper style by choosing from a few options. This app also allows you to scan documents that are kept as attachments.

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first published:August 18, 2021, 19:00 IST
last updated:August 18, 2021, 19:00 IST