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Tata Sky Cashback Offer: Who Says There Are No Long Duration Channel Packs?


Last Updated: November 29, 2019, 11:13 IST

Tata Sky Cashback Offer: Who Says There Are No Long Duration Channel Packs?

Even though Tata Sky may not be offering semi-annual and annual packages under the new tariff regime, subscribers can take advantage of the Cashback offer.

Safe to say, the after effects of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) new regulations that dictate the cable TV and direct to home (DTH) subscription tariffs which became applicable earlier this year, are still being felt. At the time, the semi-annual and annual channel packages which DTH operators including Tata Sky, Airtel Digital TV, Dishtv and d2h were offering before, were eliminated as the new guidelines shifted focus to ala-carte channel pricing, broadcaster bouquets, the network capacity fee (NCF) and the realigned curated packages in the process. Since there are now regulations on the amount of discounts that bouquets have in comparison with the ala-carte pricing of channels, perhaps the longer duration packs—where you paid for 6 months or 1 year subscriptions in advance for significantly discounted prices, had to be shelved. But worry not, if you are a Tata Sky subscriber. The Tata Sky Cashback offer still offers some discounts and advantages if you are ready to pay in advance for your TV subscription.

The Tata Sky Cashback offer doesn’t offer a discount on a particular package or a selection of channels, but instead adds extra validity to your subscription at the end of the validity period. This is not linked to any particular channel package or combination, which adds to the flexibility. As a subscriber, what you need to do is ensure a minimum balance of 12 times your current subscription plan (also known as monthly recharge value or monthly recharge plan). So, if your currently monthly recharge amount for your selection packs is Rs 200, you will calculate 200 x 12 which amounts to Rs 2,400. When you recharge your Tata Sky account with Rs 2,400 at any point of time, you will be automatically enrolled for the Tata Sky Cashback offer. This means you become instantly eligible for an extra validity of 1 month for your TV subscription.

Tata Sky will credit an equivalent subscription amount to your account at that time (also known as balance credit), to complete the one free month of viewing. “The bonus amount equivalent to 1 month would be credited to subscriber’s account within 48 hours after the requisite amount has been recharged in subscriber’s account. Accordingly, the due date would also get extended,” says Tata Sky.

The Tata Sky Cashback offer presents absolutely no restriction in terms of how many times you change your channel or bouquet selections, add or remove ala-carte channels or subscribe to more curated channel packs during this time. All you need to keep an eye out for is any change in the monthly subscription amount and recharge your Tata Sky account with a multiplication of 12 of that differential amounts. For example, suppose you add channels or packs worth Rs 20 to your subscription, you will now have a monthly subscription of Rs 220. At this point, you must recharge with Rs 20 x 12 which amounts to Rs 240 to remain eligible for the Tata Sky Cashback offer.

“Plan does not constitute a lock in – either for content/pack or duration. Subscriber is free to add/delete/modify his current pack at any point of time during this Tenure. In case there is any change to his/her current monthly charge, it would get deducted from the Subscriber’s account. To remain eligible for the bonus amount, Subscriber needs to ensure adequate balance in the account and remain active for 12 months,” reads Tata Sky’s terms and conditions for the Tata Sky Cashback offer.

If at any point during this time, you either upgrade or downgrade a set top box (STB), add a new multi-room STB to your subscription or avail a service that involves a service charge, that amount will be deducted from your Tata Sky account—and you need to top up the amount in the account with the same denomination to remain eligible for the Tata Sky Cashback offer.