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Tech Wrap of The Week: Facebook Stock Crash, WhatsApp India Troubles, Huawei Nova Launch And More

Mark Zuckerberg  (Image: AP)

Mark Zuckerberg (Image: AP)

Here are the 5 biggest happenings of this week in the world of technology.

The ending week of July has been an eventful one in the world of technology with ample product launches and happenings across the world. While Facebook felt a sharp sting in the stock market, its own chat app WhatsApp has been given several notices from the Indian government. Here is what happened throughout the week in the technology sector.

1. Facebook Stock Crashes

On Friday, Facebook experienced what will be remembered for a very long time as the biggest downfall that a company has ever seen in a single day. The company's stocks came tumbling down from its original price by a margin of a whopping 20 percent. The company which was earlier evaluated at $630 billion, plummeted to $510 billion post its stock price. And all of this, in a single trading day. Read more about it here:

Facebook Stock Disaster: How it Went so Wrong for Zuckerberg so Quickly

2. WhatsApp Troubles in India

Post numerous cases of lynching taking place across the country because of fake news being spread on WhatsApp, the Indian government directed the chat platform to take strict measures to curb the spread of fake news. WhatsApp, which to this day maintains end-to-end encryption on its platform to maintain its users' privacy, now seems to be in a fixed spot as to how to tackle the fake news on the platform. Read more about it here:

WhatsApp Dismisses Indian Government's Demand to End Encryption: What is at Stake?

3. Huawei Nova 3 Launch

Huawei has come up with another premium smartphone offering in the form of the Huawei Nova 3 in the Indian market. The new Huawei smartphone comes with all the flagship features including a notch design, a dual camera setup as well as Huawei's flagship Kirin 970 processor. Have a look at the smartphone and know what all it offers here:

Huawei Nova 3 Launched in India at Rs 34,999: Detailed Image Gallery\

4. Century's Longest Lunar Eclipse

The world is set to witness a rare celestial phenomenon as the Earth, Sun and the moon will align for what is being called the century's longest lunar eclipse. What's more, the moon will also attain a bright-red colour during the event and hence is being called the "blood moon". Read how to watch it live here:

Watch The Blood Moon in The Century's Longest Lunar Eclipse Live Here

5. Qualcomm Scraps $45 Billion NXP Deal

Qualcomm has walked away from buying Dutch firm NXP Semiconductors for $45 billion after the Chinese regulators did not grant last-minute approval to the deal. The two companies entered into a deal in October 2016, with the deadline to close the deal extended several times as the companies waited for China to approve or deny the merger. Read all about the story here:

Qualcomm Scraps $45 Billion NXP Deal After no Response From China