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Teenager Sues Apple for $1 Billion After Being Accused of Theft

Image for representation.

Image for representation.

According to the lawsuit, the teenager in question has been wrongly accused of stealing from Apple stores, leading to psychological stress and hardship.

Apple’s season of facing lawsuits seem set to continue, with the latest entity to sue them being a teenager, whom Apple accused of stealing from Apple stores. According to a Bloomberg report, Ousmane Bah, 18, was arrested from his home after Apple’s facial recognition software registered him as guilty of having stolen from Apple stores. Bah has reportedly claimed that the complaint filed by Apple included a file photo that was not his own.

Furthermore, Bah’s lawsuit states that while Apple accused him of conducting burglary at an Apple store in Boston, he was actually in Manhattan on that particular day. Apple uses a specific form of facial recognition tool to identify thieves on its network, linking facial identity to person-specific documents in order to identify individuals that may have stolen from its stores. According to Bah’s filing, he had previously lost a non-photo document of a learner’s licence, which may have later been acquired by the thief in question, who then used it to forge his identity.

Bah’s lawsuit against Apple states that this has led to considerable mental trauma for him, based on which he has had to go through psychological stress and hardship. This has prompted him to press charges to the tune of $1 billion against Apple, although the latter has not yet responded to questions about the same.

While Apple is no stranger to billion dollar lawsuits, it remains to be seen how the company defends its case against the lawsuit linked to this theft. At the time of writing, neither Apple and nor its co-defendants had responded to requests for comments submitted by Bloomberg.