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Thank You Facebook, For Ruining The Instagram Experience: More Adverts Are on The Way

Thank You Facebook, For Ruining The Instagram Experience: More Adverts Are on The Way

Facebook is looking at ways to squeeze more money from Instagram, since data breach scandals have meant Facebook’s growth has slowed down.


Vishal Mathur

More advertisements will greet you on Instagram, very soon. The Facebook owned social network has confirmed that it will now be placing adverts in the Explore page. For those may be not exactly recollect what the Explore page on Instagram is, this is where the social network curates what it feels are the best posts based on your interest and also some predefined categories including Style, Auto, Technology, Nature, Architecture and more. These ads will be either photos or videos. The first advert rolls out today, and it is for IGTV.

“For advertisers, this is an opportunity to be part of what’s culturally relevant and trending while reaching new audiences who are looking to discover something new. Advertisers can easily extend their campaigns using automatic placements with a simple opt-in to reach audiences in Explore,” says Instagram in an official statement. The company also says they will be introducing Ads in Explore slowly and thoughtfully in the coming months. We are keeping our eyes peeled for the thoughtful part of this implementation.

It is also expected that Instagram will open up the Explore advert space to pretty much anyone who wants to put an advertisement there, and give Facebook some money in return. To start off with trying to promote its stuttering IGTV feature, is perhaps a curious move.

At present, Instagram allows adverts in your regular feed as well as Stories.

The latest ad announcement signifies Facebook’s latest push to make Instagram earn more money for the company. Facebook had acquired Instagram in 2012, for around $1 billion. It is important to note that the push towards injecting more advertisements to your Instagram experience has intensified after Instagram’s co-founders, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, left the company late last year. The reported reason being they weren’t exactly happy with the plans Facebook had for Instagram.

It is also an important move, from Facebook’s perspective. The number of scandals that have rocked the social media company have turned off quite a few users from Facebook. With growth perhaps evening out there, the company has to look at Instagram to drive up engagement and revenue. Earlier this year, Facebook also made its first move to morph Instagram into a shopping hub, something it has now pushed with many brands selling products via the social network.

All said and done, Instagram isn’t what it used to be. You’ll pretty soon stop recognizing it.

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