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Meet The Augmented Reality App Developers That Utilised Apple's ARKit On iOS 11 To Make These Apps

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With this year's Apple WWDC right around the corner lets us take a look at some of these iOS developers who have made AR Apps for iOS 11 users on iPad, iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

In 2017, Apple introduced the new iPhones to the world that had the power to process a seamless augmented reality experience for the users. Developers at the 2017 WWDC were excited about the AR Kit that Apple showcased which with the help of iOS 11 made possible for them to utilise the AR ecosystem and deliver on an App experience be it in gaming, healthcare, education or gaming. With the ARKit the apps can now become more intelligent using the power of machine learning with Core ML. Users can also create incredible augmented reality experiences with ARKit. AR Apps usually deliver a more unified and immersive user experience with new multitasking features, including drag and drop for iPad, the new Files app, new camera APIs, new SiriKit domains, Apple Music integration, and more. With this year's Apple WWDC right around the corner lets us take a look at some of these iOS developers who have made AR Apps for iPad or iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone X users.

1. SpacewAR Uprising
If you are into gaming and would love to get onboard the AR wagon, then SpacewAR Uprising is the game to start with. Developed by Tresreis Games, a company that just has a 3 member team and is taking the lead in innovative gaming. They understand the games from addictive word games to knowledge enhancing puzzle games to interactive physics games to all lots of fun games. They do Game Development and services from concept to implementation and with just 3 members they are overachieving in a way. SpacewAR Uprising is an iOS Exclusive game which has implemented the ARKit by Apple. It is an Arcade game and has game effects and controls to redefine the Augmented Reality games. SpacewAR Uprising is not a free app for your iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X, but in India it will cost you Rs 159. Since it is an iOS exclusive game it is sadly not available on Android.

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2. Kiddopia
Kiddopia, as the name suggests, is an app that lies in the category of Kids on iTunes and Apple App Store. This is also an AR App made using the ARKit by PaperBoat Apps. Paper Boat Apps is in the business of creating educational apps for kids. The company was started by the couple, Anupam and Anshu Dhanuka in the year 2010. This is the year in which the iPad was first launched. Their daughter was a toddler then and immediately took to the device, using it as a book, as a drawing pad and as a digital toy. Given Anupam's experience with developing Apps and Anshu's interest in early childhood education and in gaming, the couple saw an opportunity for crafting high-quality edutainment apps for toddlers. They have launched several other apps as well, but Kiddopia is their first in the AR space. Kiddopia is also an iOS exclusive app and has been one of the early adopters of the ARKit in India. They have integrated AR in it’s ‘My Pet Buddy’ and ‘Christmas Sparkle’ segments of the app. It is an edutainment app for preschoolers as well as toddlers. It educates kids about shapes, numbers, ABC, tracing, spelling and general knowledge through thoughtfully designed games that use captivating visuals and delightful sounds. Kids are constantly encouraged through rewards and kept entertained through role-playing games. Apart from these interactive activities the app also includes animated nursery rhymes. This is a subscription-based app for parents to keep their kids entertained as well as help them in conditioning and comes with a monthly subscription of Rs 299 and a yearly subscription of Rs 2,499.

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3. Froggipedia
Froggipedia is an educational app that is developed right here in India by Designmate. Designmate (I) Pvt. Ltd. is an e-learning firm based out of India which has been engaged in creating 3D animated content for K12 Science and Mathematics curriculum for over a decade and a half now. Backed by 25+ years of experience in animation and graphics, the company has brought alive a vast number of math and science topics in the 3D animated video version.
Froggipedia is their contribution to the Augmented Reality segment. It is an iOS exclusive app which integrates ARKit 1.5, enabling students to see a lifelike virtual frog appear right in front of them. The app even allows students to dissect the frog by replacing the scalpel with Apple Pencil, providing a more ethical and cost-efficient alternative to traditional lab dissection. This is also an app that is not free and you'll have to pay Rs 299 for it. The App was also showcased as the first Indian app during Apple's Chicago keynote where the company announced the iPad for schools.

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Who doesn't love shopping online? What better app that Myntra who identified it quickly how AR can help them and their customers to deliver a unique shopping experience by utilising the power of AR. This is a shopping App that now has introduced a unique feature in its app which enables users to check their shoe size using AR capabilities. They have used the ARKit for the same. You can find this feature as the ‘Shoe Size Finder’ section under ‘Categories’. This is just an App update but surely a food for thought for e-commerce Apps like Amazon, ShopClues and Flipkart. Myntra is a free App on App store and right now this feature is open only for iOS users.

Lastly, we have an AR app from an app developer called Mirelz. Their app is a lifestyle based app wherein women can see how jewellery looks on their face using the front camera. Users can also chat with their friends within the app to get immediate feedback. The beauty of this app is the quality. Developers are good and have benefited hugely from the Accelerator and their frequent interactions with the Accelerator team at Apple. It is a pretty basic App for now that has potential and is also free on the Apple App store for your iPads and iPhones.