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Nvidia's RTX 3090 Might be The Fastest GPU Ever, But Should You Buy One

Nvidia's RTX 3090 Might be The Fastest GPU Ever, But Should You Buy One

Nvidia has received an overwhelming response for its new graphics cards, but should you actually buy the most expensive, top-of-the-line RTX 3090?

Nvidia grabbed a lot of attention thanks to its recent announcement of the new Ampere-based RTX 30 series graphics cards. The new GPUs are obviously the most powerful products from the company but also offer the best value to performance. The RTX 3080 received an overwhelming response as it went on sale last week and yes, the GPU does live up to the expectations.

This brings us to the top of the line RTX 3090 that is slowly going hit markets this week. The Rs 1,52,000 GPU comes with 24GB of GDDR6X memory and is 50 percent faster than the TITAN RTX. Specifically, the Founders Edition comes with a similar dual-axial, flow-through design as the RTX 3080 but it is way bigger and packs high-end hardware. Of course, third-party vendors are offering a traditional triple-fan cooling but the GPU is definitely the largest and most powerful that you can buy.

Now Nvidia had said that the RTX 3090 would be able to offer gamers the ability to game in 8K (7680 x 4320-pixel) resolution at 60fps. This sounds impressive and leaps ahead of the upcoming Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Early reviews of the new GPU do confirm the claims and mind you, 8K resolution is not double the total number of pixels of a 4K display, it is actually four times which means that the GPU pushes out an eye-watering 33-million pixels. Nvidia had also said that the RTX 3090 can offer up to 50-percent performance improvement over the TITAN RTX from last year that currently sells for Rs 2,41,000. The company revealed some benchmarks on 3D rendering just yesterday that confirm these claims.

Before you even think about buying this behemoth of a GPU, you also need to take into account if you actually want to game in 8K resolution. First of all, not all games support that resolution and even if they do, most of the cutscenes are rendered in 4K or even 1440p. Also, you are likely to experience most of the popular games in 4K being upscaled to the higher resolution.

On top of that, getting an 8K TV or monitor is not that easy. Samsung and LG are the only two reliable names that are currently selling 8K TVs in India. The 65-inch Samsung QLED Q800T is the cheapest of the lot priced at a cool Rs 4,19,990 going all the way up to the flagship 85-inch Q950 which is priced at Rs 14,49,990. LG on the other hand has only one 8K TV listed on its website which is the 88-inch ZX 88 Signature OLED that is going to set you back at Rs 29,99,990.

Great, so what about 4K gaming? Well, things don’t look so good. According to PCMag, the new RTX 3090 offers only 10 to 15 percent better performance than the RTX 3080 when it comes to 4K gaming. So what that means is that you should save all that money and probably invest in an RTX 3080, if you can get your hands on one that is. There has been a huge demand for the new RTX 30 series ever since the 3080 went on sale. We’ve seen reports of stocks finishing within seconds and certain bot-scripts written to automatically buy the GPU and sell it off on eBay at a much higher pricing. Nvidia did address the issue saying that its website was ‘overloaded’ which in turn hampered the orders. Apparently Nvidia’s website had four times greater traffic, ten times as many requests per second, and fifteen times the partner traffic. Nvidia clearly didn’t anticipate this surge and states that more 3080s are in the works and the company along with its partner brands will push out a higher supply in the coming days.